Susannah Fullerton

Author, Lecturer and Literary Tour Leader

Enjoy the wonderful world of literature through talks, travels and books by Susannah Fullerton, Sydney’s best-known literary lecturer.

Susannah brings to life the lives and writings of great writers in her fascinating round of entertaining talks, popular books and unique Literary Readers’ Guides. She is Australia’s most requested leader of literary tours to UK, Italy, Ireland, USA and Europe.

Thanks, Susannah, for your lovely newsletter, it just gets better and better each time! I’ve read it all and clicked on every link. I recommend it to all my literature-crazy friends and look forward to the next and the next and the next.”
Marisa C.

An accomplished author herself, Susannah’s books are a testament to her great literary knowledge. Susannah is President of the Jane Austen Society of Australia, the largest literary society in the country and Patron of the Kipling Society of Australia.

Be the first to see Susannah’s hugely popular “Notes from a Book Addict,” learn about her speaking events and more by clicking here.

notes from a book addict

S2 – Come with me on a literary journey …

Explore my new Literary Readers Guides for 2020!

I’ll introduce you to some of my favourite great writers. You’ll learn intriguing stories about an author’s life and family, and the themes and characters in one of their best known works.

Each literary guide is just like you’re hearing one of my talks, but you don’t have to travel!


Together we’ll explore a fabulous selection of classic literary works

Anybody could sit down and read the list of books I have supplied. But it’s not so easy to learn about how the author came to write the book, or receive a commentary on all the film versions / sequels / adaptations that have resulted from it.

I will help you analyse the themes, consider the various characters and their motivations, and give you links for further explorations. I guarantee that, by the end of the year, you will have a far richer understanding of some fabulous classics than you’d ever have done just reading them on your own.


Literary Talks

Susannah Fullerton is Sydney’s best known speaker on famous authors and their works. She has spoken at literary conferences around the world, and is regularly sought as an entertaining and informative speaker at fund-raising events, conference dinners, schools, libraries, universities, bookshops and clubs.

She is a registered speaker for ADFAS (The Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Societies) and travels Australia giving presentations to the groups. She is interviewed regularly on ABC radio and has appeared on TV interviews. She has presented several 10-week series of lectures at the Art Gallery of NSW … read more here


As Sydney’s best known speaker on famous authors and their works, Susannah gives her audience the experience of  having known them personally. Her meticulously researched talks vividly describe the life and times of an era and bring her subjects to life.

Here is a selection of the authors featured in her talks. Click below to find out more.


Hear all about these authors and many more. Susannah Fullerton is a regular lecturer on the NSW speakers’ circuit, giving talks at venues throughout Sydney and further afield.

Having spent her career as a lecturer giving talks about famous writers, Susannah has found a unique style in presenting her lectures. Her presentations are always informative and entertaining; she just loves talking about her favourite authors!

With talks are often booked out well in advance, it pays to check the dates and book early.  CLICK HERE FOR DATES


Literary Tours

Discover the places and people behind the books on a literary tour with Susannah Fullerton!

Visiting places connected with literature brings the excitement of recognizing homes and landscapes long familiar to the imagination, of connecting loved novels and poems with the lives and environments of the authors and seeing firsthand the countryside they described. An ASA Literary Tour led by Susannah includes writers’ homes, seeing original manuscripts, theatre performances, museums, and much more. In gardens, ruins, castles, villages, churches and graveyards you will discover the effect of environment on a writer and investigate the role played by a sense of place in literary creation.


A literary tour brings together very special people – people who read, who delight in the power of words, who have rich imaginations, who love history and who have a sense of adventure. Susannah has been leading literary tours since 2000. Her tours include world-wide destinations to interest anyone who loves literature. Click here to read some of the feedback received from past travellers.



Tours are booked through Australians Studying Abroad, ph. 1800 645755 or


Literary Publications

Reading a book written by Susannah is like reading about your closest friend. Unlike so many research books, Susannah’s works are definitely intended for a popular readership. In her breezy writing style (just like hearing her talk enthusiastically about one of her favourite authors in person), Susannah’s meticulously researched and presented information is a light and pleasant read. Susannah writes in such a fascinating way, weaving a range of interesting facts that you have finished her book before you know it!



Susannah Fullerton has published many articles and books, most notably, several about Jane Austen’s work. In Jane Austen and Crime Susannah has written the first ever study of crimes such as duelling, poaching, gambling, theft and even murder in the writings of Jane Austen. A Dance with Jane Austen: How a Novelist and her Characters went to the Ball takes the reader through all the stages of a Regency Ball and in Happily Ever After: Celebrating Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Susannah has written an intelligent and generous companion guide to this enduring novel.

In Brief Encounters: Literary Travellers in Australia, Susannah follows the footsteps of several famous writers to discover what they did when they arrived on the antipodean continent and what their opinion was of Australia and it’s people. In an audio CD, Susannah has written and recorded Finding Katherine Mansfield, the first audio CD about New Zealand’s great short story writer.

Susannah’s Literary Snapshots are concise gems of information. Each snapshot provides the reader with a nugget of literary gold which takes the reader on an armchair tour of a significant literary location or profile of an author’s life.


Jane & I: A Tale of Austen AddictionJane & I: A Tale of Austen Addiction

Once upon a time a young girl was read Pride and Prejudice by her mother. She listened entranced, but little dreamed how that reading would change her life. This charming memoir shows how a love of Jane Austen’s novels developed into a passionate addiction. Susannah Fullerton tells her own remarkable story with wit, elegance and passion.

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A Dance With Jane Austen imageA Dance with Jane Austen

Jane Austen loved to put on her satin slippers with shoe-roses, her white gloves and muslin gown, and go off for an evening of fun at the Basingstoke assemblies. The Bennet girls share their creator’s delight and go off joyfully to dance, and of course to meet future husbands.

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Happily Ever After imageHappily Ever After: Celebrating Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice can claim to be the world’s favourite novel. It was first published in 1813 and since then it has delighted readers around the world. This book tells how it first came to be written, the struggle to get it published and what the first reactions of readers were like.

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Jane Austen & Crime imageJane Austen and Crime

Discover the darker side of Jane Austen! Learn which of her characters commit hanging offences, discover who fights duels and what the consequences were, find out what Jane Austen knew of hangings and where she describes them.

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Brief Encounters imageBrief Encounters: Literary Travellers in Australia 1836-1939

Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, many distinguished writers made the long and arduous voyage across the seas to Australia. They came to give lecture tours and make money, to sort out difficult children sent here to be out of the way; for health, for science, to escape demanding spouses back home, or simply to satisfy a sense of adventure.

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Poetry To Fill A Room, poems by Susannah Fullerton, image

Poetry To Fill A Room – Audio CD

English novelist Arnold Bennett once said that “if there was one word that could clear a public place… quicker than any other, that word was poetry“. That is such a pity – poetry should fill a room with people, not empty it.

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Finding Katherine Mansfield imageFinding Katherine Mansfield – Audio CD

Katherine Mansfield was born in 1888, in Wellington, New Zealand. Her life was a short one, but in her 34 years she wrote some of the finest short stories in English and helped to shape the modern short story …

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Georgette Heyer: Complete to a Shade image

Georgette Heyer: Complete to a Shade

It has been said that “with a Georgette Heyer book you don’t buy a book, you buy a world. If it suits you, you settle down forever.” Discover the enormous pleasure of her world and her fiction with Georgette Heyer: Complete to a Shade.

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Commendations for Susannah

Susannah Fullerton is Sydney’s most popular literary lecturer. She is in constant demand for her entertaining and informing talks about famous writers, their lives, works and gardens. Her meticulously researched books shed new light on Jane Austen’s novels, and her literary tours to the UK, France and USA are sold out months in advance.

Read what people are saying about Susannah, her lectures, books and tours.

  • We could not fault the work of Susannah Fullerton, whose knowledge and presentation was fabulous.  

    Inge & Val - A Literary tour of Southern France
  • A superb book, packed with revelations, insights and wonderful stories. I could not put it down. 

    Anthea Scarlett
  • Susannah has much to tell us … and she does it with great verve and spirit.

    Dr Jon Spence, author of Becoming Jane Austen and A Century of Wills from Jane Austen’s Family
  • Her delivery was sensational.
    11 out of 10!

    Peter Graham, President, The Australian Club
  • … great knowledge, enthusiasm and a love of literature made this tour something quite special. 

  • Brief Encounters is a wonderful book and a terrific gift for any booklover.

    Lisa Hill, ANZ LitLovers LitBlog
  • Jane Austen and Crime – essential reading for every Janeite.

    Claire Tomalin, biographer


“Her delivery was sensational. 11 out of 10!”  Peter Graham, President, The Australian Club

“Susannah Fullerton’s various presentations have been particularly inspirational for our students … I would most definitely recommend her to any group, school or institution.” Bernard Pryor, ex-Head Teacher of English, Asquith Girls High School

“An extremely able, informed and entertaining lecturer who has perfected a balance between visual aids and the spoken word. She has a large following.”  Chester Porter, QC

“the ever-popular Susannah Fullerton…”  Art Gallery of NSW

“Susannah Fullerton is the complete package! She is articulate, competent, knowledgeable, entertaining, versatile and a born storyteller who excels in bringing English literature alive. Sit back, relax, learn and be entertained.”  Christine Humphreys

“Susannah Fullerton is a gifted and inspiring speaker. Her knowledge of classic literature and of writers from Austen to Kipling is remarkable. Insightful, entertaining and a delight to listen to, she has enhanced my reading and enjoyment of many great authors.” Jennifer Kloester

“A superb book, packed with revelations, insights and wonderful stories. I could not put it down.” Anthea Scarlett


Susannah Fullerton

Susannah Fullerton

Susannah Fullerton, OAM, FRS(N)

Susannah Fullerton, OAM, FRS(N), is a popular literary lecturer and author. She is a leading authority on 19th and 20th century writers with a special interest in Jane Austen – she is president of the Jane Austen Society of Australia.

Susannah loves seeking out hidden treasures, and regularly leads tours visiting literary landmarks all over the world.

She loves to share her passion for great works of literature!

To book a talk, sign up for Susannah’s newsletter or to order one of her books please use this form to contact her.

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  26 Macdonald Street, Paddington NSW 2021, Australia

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