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Enjoy the wonderful world of literature through talks, travels and books by Susannah Fullerton, Sydney’s best-known literary lecturer.

Susannah brings to life the lives and writings of great writers in her fascinating round of entertaining talks, popular books and unique Literary Readers’ Guides. She is Australia’s most requested leader of literary tours to UK, Italy, Ireland, USA and Europe.

Thanks, Susannah, for your lovely newsletter, it just gets better and better each time! I’ve read it all and clicked on every link. I recommend it to all my literature-crazy friends and look forward to the next and the next and the next.”
Marisa C.

Having spent her career as a lecturer giving talks about famous writers, Susannah has found a unique style in presenting her lectures. Her presentations are always informative and entertaining; she just loves talking about her favourite authors!

Also an accomplished author, Susannah’s books and Literary Readers’ Guides are a testament to her great literary knowledge. Her tours include world-wide destinations to interest anyone who loves literature.

Susannah is President of the Jane Austen Society of Australia, the largest literary society in the country, and Patron of the Kipling Society of Australia.

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“Thank you for your emails and video lectures, they have saved my lockdown.” ― June

Susannah's Literary Readers' Guides

If you care about classic and important literature, let Susannah be your guide.

If you have enjoyed Susannah’s talks, you’ll hear that same voice in her writing.

Each month Susannah features a Book of the Month. She selects a favourite title and studies it in depth in her Literary Readers’ Guides. Each guide reveals intriguing stories about the author, investigates the style and themes of the work, analyses the characters, lists film versions, suggests further reading and challenges you with thoughtful insights.

All the books this year have been a joy. Your reading list has made me concentrate on good, solid storytelling – such a joy for people who don’t enjoy chic lit. I love stories which make me want to read them again.”
Lorna C.

Anybody could sit down and read the list of books Susannah has supplied. But it’s not so easy to learn about how the author came to write the book. Susannah helps you analyse the themes, consider the various characters and their motivations, and gives you links for further explorations. She guarantees that, after following her guides, you will have a far richer understanding of these fabulous classics than you ever would have done by just reading them on your own.

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Books & Spoken Word CDs

Unlike other research books, Susannah’s works are just right for popular readership.

Susannah has published many articles and books, most notably, about Jane Austen’s work.

Susannah’s writing style is easy and enjoyable to read, her books are packed with meticulously researched information and innovative views. Both academic and accessible, her books have been praised by biographer Claire Tomalin, crime writer Reginald Hill and Jane Austen expert Maggie Lane. Why not treat yourself? And gift one to a friend as well! Susannah will personally inscribe the book for you.

A superb book, packed with revelations, insights and wonderful stories. I could not put it down.”
Anthea S.

In Jane Austen and Crime Susannah has written the first ever study of crimes such as duelling, poaching, gambling, theft and even murder in the writings of Jane Austen. A Dance with Jane Austen: How a Novelist and her Characters went to the Ball takes the reader through all the stages of a Regency Ball and in Happily Ever After: Celebrating Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Susannah has written an intelligent and generous companion guide to this enduring novel.

In Brief Encounters: Literary Travellers in Australia, Susannah follows the footsteps of several famous writers to discover what they did when they arrived on the antipodean continent and what their opinion was of Australia and it’s people. In an audio CD, Susannah has written and recorded Finding Katherine Mansfield, the first audio CD about New Zealand’s great short story writer.

Talks, Lectures & Events

“Oh I wish I had had somebody like you teaching Literature when I was at school.”

Susannah is Sydney’s best-known speaker on famous authors and their works.

Susannah’s talks give her audience the experience that she actually knows an author personally. Her meticulously researched presentations vividly describe the life and times of an era to bring her subjects alive. People come along who just want to learn more about great literature.

An extremely able, informed and entertaining lecturer who has perfected a balance between visual aids and the spoken word.”
Chester P.

Susannah breathes life into great literature and an author’s life. Her talks are partly to instruct, but also to entertain, so she tells people all the juicy details about the life of the writer and how a particular incident in their lives might have affected what they wrote. Dramatic readings from the novels add authenticity and she includes biographies or critical works to read if people wish to explore that writer further.

I must tell you that at our branch of ADFAS you were voted best lecture for 2019!”
Diana L.

Susannah is a registered speaker for ADFAS (The Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Societies) and travels Australia giving presentations to these groups. She is interviewed regularly on ABC radio and has appeared on TV interviews.

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'Notes From A Book Addict' Newsletter

Susannah shares all that she loves about literature at the moment.

With meticulous attention to detail, Susannah seeks out literary treasures to share.

In her free monthly newsletter, Notes from A Book Addict, Susannah shares all that she loves about literature at the moment. You’ll hear about important anniversaries, receive book recommendations, discover the magic of a poem every month, find out about films and TV programmes based on classic works, and much more.

Thank you, once again, Susannah for the pleasure of your literary passion and great knowledge.”
Brian D.

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Travel with Susannah

Every day brings a different highlight and a new thrill.

Explore the places and discover the people behind the books on a literary tour with Susannah.

A literary tour brings together very special people – people who read, who delight in the power of words, who have rich imaginations, who love history and who have a sense of adventure. Susannah has been leading literary tours since 2000. Her tours include world-wide destinations to interest anyone who loves literature.

Susannah, through her great knowledge, enthusiasm and love of literature made this tour something quite special. Being immersed in the places, the history, and the life experiences that led to some of the greatest literature of our time was a joy and an experience that will stay with me forever.”

Visiting places connected with literature brings the excitement of recognizing homes and landscapes long familiar to the imagination, of connecting loved novels and poems with the lives and environments of the authors and seeing firsthand the countryside they described.

An ASA Literary Tour led by Susannah includes visiting writers’ homes, seeing original manuscripts, attending theatre performances, browsing museums, and much more. In gardens, ruins, castles, villages, churches and graveyards you will discover the effect of the environment on a writer and investigate the role played by a sense of place in literary creation.

Get in Touch

Susannah loves to share her passion for great works of literature.

Let Susannah be your literary guide, contact her here.

Susannah Fullerton, OAM, FRSN, is a popular literary lecturer, author and tour leader. She brings to life the lives and writings of great writers in her fascinating round of entertaining talks, popular books and unique Literary Readers’ Guides. She is Australia’s most requested leader of literary tours to UK, Italy, Ireland, USA and Europe.

Susannah Fullerton is the complete package! She is articulate, competent, knowledgeable, entertaining, versatile and a born storyteller who excels in bringing English literature alive. Sit back, relax, learn and be entertained.”
Christine H.

Susannah is a leading authority on 19th and 20th century writers with a special interest in Jane Austen and has been president of the Jane Austen Society of Australia for over 20 years.

Please feel free to contact Susannah to book a speaking engagement for your next function, to learn more about the Jane Austen Society of Australia, to receive Notes From A Book Addict, to go on a tour with her, to purchase a book or Literary Readers’ Guide or simply if you just need help with something. She’d love to hear from you.