1 September 2023 Susannah

99 and Still Going Strong

99 and Still Going Strong

This month I’m sending the 99th edition of my newsletter, Notes from a Book Addict, and that means that next month I will be celebrating a remarkable milestone. The Centenary Edition newsletter will be an exciting edition of extra stories, updates and offers. Make sure you open it straight away on the first of October.

Over the years, I have recommended many books and told you about my favourite reads. But now it’s your turn, and I want to hear from you. Tell me about your favourite book – whether it’s a timeless classic, a thriller, an inspiring memoir, a heartwarming romance, or a non-fiction masterpiece, whatever it is, I’m interested to hear about it. You’ll see how to do this below.

It delights me that the poem is the part of my newsletter that has proved most popular with readers. Everyone seems to love the links to good YouTube readings, and being introduced to gorgeous new poems, or being reminded of old favourites once learned at school. I would love to include more modern poetry, but I run into copyright issues if I do that, so I need to be cautious. But I do love sharing beloved poems with you and am of the firm belief that we do not have enough poetry in our lives so I do my best to redress that lack. Do let me know if you have a favourite poem I could discuss in a future newsletter.

I’d also be most interested to learn how you came across my newsletter and website, and if there have been particular articles you have especially enjoyed.

I look forward to hearing from you and including some of your comments, choices and suggestions in future editions of Notes from a Book Addict. Please use this form to tell me. See note.

Please be aware that anything you reveal here may be shared with other newsletter readers and stored for my future reference. If I republish your words I will give credit where appropriate and protect your privacy by not using your full name. Any personal information you provide will not be shared with any third party in any way and is purely for my own use.

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