1 April 2024 Susannah

A Common Link

A question ...

Aside from writing books and poetry, can you find one common link between all these people: Jane Austen, Robert Burns, Margery Williams, William Makepeace Thackeray, George Sand, Chris Hammer, William Wordsworth, Kate Forsyth, Robert Browning, Dinuka McKenzie, Matthew Arnold, William Shakespeare, Jocelyn Harris, Redmer Yska & Marcel Proust?

Having trouble? Well, the answer is that I’ve written articles or recorded videos about all of them in the last 3 months for my Gold Class Book Addicts. We’ve also shared a discussion about our favourite Historical Novels (and jointly built a great reading list), and in a few days, we’ll be comparing our favourite animals in literature and building another list of personally recommended books.

I’m compiling a calendar of important events in literary history for every day of the year, so you can check what literary events happened every single day. Do you share a birthday with a famous writer? I’ve asked you to puzzle about Great Names in Fiction and Literary Heroes, and I’ve given you advance notice of my upcoming talks so you have a priority booking window in case it sells out.

When I launched my new Gold Class Book Addicts programme last year, I did not realise that there were problems with many of you blocked from receiving my newsletter. Fortunately, those problems have now been fixed and you can catch up with old newsletters in my new Notes Archive section.

You can join any time – even today – and receive access to all the stories published so far and new recordings, poems, interesting literary information and quizzes twice every month. There are 3 affordable levels to suit everyone. Have a look at Gold Class Book Addicts now.

Join now and receive Wednesday’s illustrated talk on A.A. Milne and Winnie-the-Pooh at no cost.

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