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A Dance with Jane Austen


A Dance With Jane Austen imageJane Austen book lovers share their enjoyment of Susannah Fullerton’s A Dance with Jane Austen.

Some review comments on Susannah Fullerton’s A Dance with Jane Austen.

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 “an enjoyable insight into Austen’s world” Abbeys Bookshop

 “Written in a lively and accessible manner Fullerton delves into the subject with the energy of a fluttering fan cooling an overheated dancer. As an Austen enthusiast, and president of the Jane Austen Society of Australia, her knowledge and authority take us on a journey from learning to dance, dressing for a ball, types of balls, transportation, music, food, etiquette, conversation and even a short bit about the movie adaptations. It is primarily a cultural reference, but she liberally uses quotes from her novels, letters and family recollections throughout making it very personal and incisive.” Laurel Ann, Austenprose, A Jane Austen Blog

 “Susannah Fullerton has done her research and written a book that will give much pleasure to anyone interested in the kind of dancing which Jane Austen and her contemporaries enjoyed. Lavishly illustrated, (and the piccies are seriously pretty), the book will tell you all sorts of things you didn’t realise you wanted to know, while introducing you to a world of swirling, twirling silk and satin designed to advertise the beautiful people on the hunt for a mate.’ Jane Austen Society Newsletter

 “Drawing upon contemporary accounts, Austen’s own correspondence, and a detailed reading of the novels, Fullerton presents the reader with a charming insider’s guide to a Regency ball.” Good Book Guide

 “readers wishing for more details about Austen’s ball scenes, for a clearer sense of what would be worn at a ball, what kind of music would be played, and what sort of manners were typical, will want to consult A Dance with Jane Austen.” Times Literary Supplement

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