1 November 2023 Susannah

Book Addiction

Book Addiction

Here’s a checklist. Please tick all that apply:

    1. I find it difficult to walk past a bookshop without peeking inside.
    2. I love it when a friend gives me a great reading recommendation.
    3. I always carry a book with me, in case I need to wait somewhere for a few minutes.
    4. I frequently ask friends “What book are you reading?”
    5. I love the thought of getting comfy with a great book and a nice drink.
    6. I often get the literature questions correct on TV game shows.
    7. I have a stack of unread books by my bed – just in case I finish one.
    8. I dream of seeing where authors lived, wrote, and set their novels.
    9. I have more than one library card in my wallet.
    10. I appreciate beautiful poetry and love learning about great poems.
    11. I think I’m pretty good at completing puzzles that have a literary focus.
    12. I enjoy literary trivia and history.

If you agree with three or more of these statements, then you meet the necessary requirements for a diagnosis of Book Addiction*. There is no known cure for book addiction – but effective treatment and careful management allow those living with book addiction to lead full and productive lives.

Coffee snobs extoll the wonders of their preferred brew to treat their caffeine addition, sports addicts have the Saturday game to treat their football addiction, and, at last, book addicts will now have Book Addict Gold Class – the best and most effective way to manage a book addiction.

Beginning in January, I’ll be opening the doors of my gold class suite to ticketholders. Book addicts who choose to treat their addiction with Gold Class membership can settle comfortably into their recliner seats and enjoy wonderful extras. Each month, when they open my regular ‘Notes from a Book Addict’ Newsletter, Gold Class Book Addicts will find their premium content instantly available and will have intriguing literary surprises throughout the year.

When you join Gold Class, your collection of premium content will include a constantly updated selection of unique stories, privileges such as an early-bird window to book for events, exclusive Zoom talks, beautiful illustrated poetry readings, handpicked reading recommendations, virtual escapes, literary curiosities, and ways to tempt your literary taste buds. You can expect it to be very special.

Gold Class Book Addicts are more than just readers of my newsletter; you’re a cherished part of my close community where our joint love of literature can be shared and explored. Join Gold Class and be part of something extraordinary.

What would you like me to write about? Tell me your thoughts by leaving a comment.

* As described by me, Susannah Fullerton. This is not a medical condition.

I only recommend books I have read and know. Some of these links are my affiliate links. If you buy a book by clicking on one of these links I receive a small commission. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but does help cover the cost of producing my free newsletter.

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Comments (2)

  1. Heather Grant

    I definitely meet all the above criteria so will be joining your Gold Card Class Book Addicts, Susannah. At the moment we are visiting Ballina and the Internet at the motel is extremely slow so I’ll wait until we return home to Port Macquarie late Friday before signing up. Thanks Susannah.

    • Susannah Fullerton

      Thanks, Heather, it will be fabulous to have you as a Gold Class member. It is not yet open for membership, but will be in my next newsletter.

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