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Dickens’ statue in Sydney’s Centennial Parkland

From 25 – 30th October 2018 Sydney hosted the 122nd international Charles Dickens conference. An exciting event which was worth coming to Sydney for and of course a special occasion for Sydneysiders.

Events included a candlelit dinner at Vaucluse House with a menu inspired by Catherine Dickens’ cookbook, a special exhibition of Dickens memorabilia at the State Library, a visit to the famous Dickens statue, and a Dickens Trivia Night. I gave a talk and also led a guided tour of the Writers’ Walk at Circular Quay. Novelist Tom Keneally was a speaker, as was a descendant of Ikey Solomon (the model for Fagin).

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Featured image credit- Dickens’ statue in Sydney’s Centennial Parkland. https://dickenssydney.com

Comments (5)

    • Susannah Fullerton

      No, the conference theme is ‘Dickens, The Colonial Connection’ and Australia is not mentioned in Drood.

      • Miland

        Australia is not mentioned, but Neville and Helena Landless come from Ceylon, as mentioned at the beginning of Chapter 7. Also, in chapter 16 when Neville is arrseted, slanderous rumours are spread about his behaviour in the colonies (admittedly ncluding the North Pole).

        • Susannah Fullerton

          I’d forgotten they were from Ceylon. Thanks for reminding me.

  1. Thanks, Susannah. We are really looking forward to the conference, your talk and the Writers’ Walk you will be conducting. What larks!

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