1 March 2021 Susannah

C.S. Lewis Society

C.S. Lewis

As many of you will know, I am deeply involved in various literary societies, both in Australia and overseas. I will soon be giving a talk to the UK Trollope Society via zoom (on Trollope and Food), and I love my membership of the UK and North American Jane Austen Societies.

However, it is the societies here, whose meetings I can attend in person, that especially delight me. All have gone through a tough year with Covid bringing cancelled events, committee meetings being held by zoom, and so much change. However, let’s hope they all come through it and can continue to give huge pleasure to members.

I am pleased to announce that a new literary society is appearing on the Sydney scene – the Sydney C.S. Lewis Society. Lewis was of course the author of the loved Narnia novels, but he also wrote science fiction, religious books and literary criticism. The first meeting will be on Sat. 1st May, 10.30am, at the Castlereagh Hotel in Sydney. Cost $10 which includes introductory membership. The talk will be on ‘In the Steps of C.S.Lewis in Oxford and Dublin’ and will be given by Kel Richards, author of many books including four murder mysteries which feature C.S. Lewis and his brother. If you are interested in attending, please contact Christopher Cooper by email or 0403 077 473.

Are the works of C.S. Lewis amongst your favourites? Do you enjoy membership of literary societies? Tell me your thoughts in a comment.

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  1. Kon

    I would like to join the CS Lewis society , I am a teacher in Melbourne. Co founder of the Australian Classical Education Society ( ACES) . The Abolition of Man talks about the damage that was being done in Education . Lewis read and breathed the Classics . Through our Society we want to create Classical schools so that society can flourish and produce new intellectual giants .

  2. Honey

    Lewis is over my head but I adore Michael Ward, the Lewis expert. Do you know him? If you don’t he is worth looking up. His voice, articulation, and rhetoric are exceptional.
    I sat through his lectures twice not really understanding but just to hear him talk. Heavenly man.

    • Susannah Fullerton

      No, I don’t know Michael Ward, and will ask my friend Chris Cooper, who is starting the new CS Lewis Society, if he doe. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Miland Joshi

      Michael Ward is the author of The Narnia Code. Ward discovered a hidden pattern in Lewis’ Narnia books which no-one had seen before. I won’t spoil it for Susannah or others by revealing more!

  3. Miland Joshi

    On non-fiction his Miracles is very interesting, and the first few chapters as I recall don’t seem to assume any particular religious convictions.
    I read his Narnia Chronicles for the second time not long ago. But Lewis also wrote a space trilogy for adults, not as well-known, and lesser known fictional pieces like The Great divorce which has an interesting ending.

    • Susannah Fullerton

      I loved his Narnia books before I had any idea they contained a religious message. I have not read his trilogy, but some of his other books are too religious for me. However, I will attend the first meeting and see how I go with the enw society.

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