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Companion Guide – Charles Dickens & ‘A Christmas Carol’

A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

Every Christmas the historic Morgan Library in New York, puts on display one of its greatest treasures – the original manuscript of A Christmas Carol which Dickens had bound in red morocco leather as a gift for his publisher. It was acquired by collector Pierpont Morgan in the 1890s. Each year the precious manuscript is opened at a different page so that viewers can delight in a new scene. You can buy the Morgan’s own facsimile edition from the museum shop, or read it online.

One of the most compelling tales ever written, A Christmas Carol is a phenomenon. It is profound, archetypal, and it touches desires deep within us all for second chances and the opportunity to redeem past mistakes. It has a simple, linear plot, a fairly small cast of characters, and it is a tale designed not only to make us think and reflect, but to make us feel.

No other story captures the spirit of Christmas as powerfully as this one. Find out how Dickens came to write A Christmas Carol, what his sources of inspiration were, how it helped shape the way we celebrate Christmas, and the amazing impact of the novella about Scrooge and the three ghosts.

Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol


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  The manuscript of A Christmas Carol was photographed after it received treatment by conservators at the Morgan Library in 2011. See it in it’s entirety here.
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