Reading a book

Reading a book

Susannah loves to share her passion for great works of literature!

Enjoy the wonderful world of literature through fascinating talks and publications with Susannah Fullerton, Sydney’s best-known literary lecturer. Susannah brings to life the lives and writings of great novelists and poets. An accomplished author herself, Susannah’s books and publications are a testament to her great literary knowledge.

Use the links on this page for more information about Susannah’s talks, the authors she talks about and recommended reading lists.



GRANDPARENTS IN LITERATURE — A reflection on fictional grandparents

In Johanna Spyri’s famous novel, Heidi, Grandfather is what so many grandparents are for children, both in life and in fiction – a source of love and kindness, a mentor and giver of knowledge and experience, a person who has time for the orphaned child and provides her with a stable home, and a symbol of continuity and the passing of time.

Grandparents in Literature – Companion Guide

MOTHERS IN LITERATURE — A reflection on fictional mothers

Some authors have written very memorably of their own mothers. This special Mothers Day inspired guide focuses on literary mothers. Learn about the exceptional, the good, the mediocre, the bad, the nasty and even the non-existent mothers throughout the literary world. Discover notable mothers and see how they rate in their maternal roles.

Mothers in Literature – Companion Guide

L.M. MONTGOMERY and Anne of Green Gables — Companion Guide

Reading list to accompany talks about L.M. Montgomery.

L.M. Montgomery – Companion Guide

RUDYARD KIPLING — Companion Guide

Reading list to accompany talks about Rudyard Kipling.

Rudyard Kipling – Companion Guide

JANE AUSTEN — Companion Guide

Books that I know and can recommend about Jane Austen.

Jane Austen – Companion Guide

ELIZABETH JENKINS — Jane Austen’s first scholarly biographer

Reading list to accompany presentation at Jane Austen Society of Australia’s meeting held on 22 April 2017.

Elizabeth Jenkins – Companion Guide