Reading a book

Reading a book

Susannah loves to share her passion for great works of literature!

Enjoy the wonderful world of literature through fascinating talks and publications with Susannah Fullerton, Sydney’s best-known literary lecturer. Susannah brings to life the lives and writings of great novelists and poets. An accomplished author herself, Susannah’s books and publications are a testament to her great literary knowledge.

Use the links on this page to locate Companion Guides that accompany her monographs and talks. Each Companion Guide includes links to recommended readings, YouTube videos, websites, movie versions and other interesting information.



link to Companion GuideDAPHNE DU MAURIER & Rebecca

Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca is a novel with two heroines, though one is nameless and the other is only a memory. Since its publication in 1938 Rebecca has enthralled readers and remained Daphne du Maurier’s most popular book.

link to Companion GuideAGATHA CHRISTIE & Murder on the Orient Express

Bring together a luxury train, a snowy landscape outside, a corpse on board, a group of suspects trapped in a confined space, and a funny little Belgian man with an egg-shaped head … and the scene is set for one of Agatha Christie’s most famous novels.

link to Companion GuideL.M. MONTGOMERY & Anne of Green Gables

In 1906 Lucy Maud Montgomery sat down to write a story. The idea came from a jotting in one of her notebooks. The book, Anne of Green Gables, was published in 1908 and astonished its creator by becoming a best-seller.

link to Companion GuideELIZABETH GASKELL & North and South

North and South is one of my favourite 19thC novels. Easy to read, packed with social detail and suggestions for reform, with a delightful heroine and a very sexy hero, there is just so much in it to enjoy.

link to Companion GuideMOTHERS IN LITERATURE — A reflection on fictional mothers

Some authors have written very memorably of their own mothers. This special Mothers Day inspired guide focuses on literary mothers. Learn about the exceptional, the good, the mediocre, the bad, the nasty and even the non-existent mothers throughout the literary world. Discover notable mothers and see how they rate in their maternal roles.

link to Companion GuideGRANDPARENTS IN LITERATURE — A reflection on fictional grandparents

In Johanna Spyri’s famous novel, Heidi, Grandfather is what so many grandparents are – a source of love and kindness, a mentor and giver of knowledge and experience, a person who has time for the orphaned child and provides her with a stable home.

link to Companion GuideSusannah’s list of Top Books about JANE AUSTEN

Susannah Fullerton is President of the Jane Austen Society of Australia and one of the foremost experts on her work. She provides this list as a resource for those wishing to learn more about this remarkable writer.

link to Companion GuideRUDYARD KIPLING — Novelist and Poet of Empire

Rudyard Kipling has never ceased to delight a vast readership with his brilliant verse and prose. His stories for children are some of the finest ever written, while Kim is the best novel about India written by an Englishman.