A lot of people, when they come to Susannah Fullerton’s talks, say, “Oh I wish I had had somebody like you teaching me English when I was at school.”  

Susannah’s talks breathe life into great literature and author’s lives. Her talks are partly to instruct, but also to entertain, so she tells people all the juicy details about the life of the writer and how a particular incident in their lives might have affected what they wrote. Dramatic readings from the novels add authenticity and she includes biographies or critical works to read if people wish to explore that writer further. People come along who just want to learn more about great literature.

Susannah is entertaining while making her guests much more aware of great works from literature; encouraging people to go away and read a lot more. She can be engaged to present one of her literary talks for all types of literary events, groups or clubs.

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Susannah Fullerton

Susannah Fullerton, OAM, FRS(N)

Susannah Fullerton, OAM, FRSN, is a popular literary lecturer, author and tour leader. She is a leading authority on 19th and 20th century writers with a special interest in Jane Austen – she is president of the Jane Austen Society of Australia.

Susannah loves seeking out hidden treasures, and regularly leads tours visiting literary landmarks all over the world.

She loves to share her passion for great works of literature!

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  0411 031 306 (Cheryl)
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