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Dr Thorne – Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope Dr Thorne

One summer evening in 1852 Anthony Trollope found himself in the cathedral city of Salisbury on post office business. He stood for some time on Harnham Bridge looking at the distant spire of the cathedral and there he conceived the idea of writing novels about clergymen, showing them not so much in their clerical roles, but as ordinary men, as beset by greed, ambitions, lust and envy as other men. As a result of that evening walk he created ‘Barchester’ in the west of England and he went on to write the six novels of his Barsetshire series. I adore his novels and have made my way through every one of them with pleasure. But Dr Thorne is my favourite.

I have great pleasure in introducing you to my personal Trollope favourite. And if you have read it before, well Trollope bears many a re-reading, so have fun all over again.


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