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Georgette Heyer – Complete to a Shade

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Georgette Heyer: Complete to a Shade image

Georgette Heyer: Complete to a Shade

I was one of the organisers of the recent Georgette Heyer conference held in Sydney. 160 people attended and the event was a huge success (if I say so myself).

A booklet was commissioned especially for the conference – Georgette Heyer: Complete to a Shade. It has comments about how various contributors first came to read her novels, why they love her books so much, and what influence she has had on their lives. Contributors include Stephen Fry, Heyer biographer Jennifer Kloester, novelists Emma Darwin, Kate Fenton, Eloisa James and many more.

Copies of this beautiful booklet are available to order through my website. It is $19, including postage and packing.

Which Georgette Heyer novel would you recommend to a friend? Tell us below.


  PURCHASE print edition – Georgette Heyer: Complete to a Shade


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Featured image credit- The Music Room. George Goodwin Kilburne (1839-1924). Public Domain. https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10062009
Body image credit- Georgette Heyer: Complete to a Shade, cover image. Presented by Susannah Fullerton, Amanda Jones and Joanna Penglase.

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  1. Anne Sanders

    My cousin would like to have this booklet, but I do not seem to be able to locate it anywhere? Can you help? We live in the UK.

  2. It is very difficult to say which one is my absolute favourite. I love them all for their different characters and the stories with the unexpected twists and turns.
    The Grand Sophie is a book that never fails to make me laugh,cheer me up and I just love the way she manages to pair everybody up with the right partners and restores fun into life of the occupants in her aunt’s family home when Sophie goes to stay with them.
    She is a formidable young woman.

    • Susannah Fullerton

      Yes, The Grand Sophy is fabulous, with that amazing ending where everyone is sorted out by the formidable Sophy. It’s always hard to choose a favourite Georgette – often it’s whichever one you are reading at the time.

  3. Hi Susannah,
    The Conference was wonderful and provoked a lot of discussion over favourite novels. I believe Frederica to be one of the best, principally because of the family. Each member is so important to the ethos of the period and of GH’s ‘take’ on it. Mostly, however, they are just so real and entertaining.

    Frances Burke.

    • Susannah Fullerton

      So glad you enjoyed the conference. I agree that Frederica is definitely one of her best. They are wonderfully real and some of the most entertaining novels I know. And you can re-read them with great pleasure, which is not something you can say about every book.

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