1 December 2023 Susannah

Gold Class … at last!

Susannah Fullerton Book Addict

I’m proud to have published more than 100 editions of ‘Notes from a Book Addict’. Over the years I’ve had many requests from you for MORE. And so, I have developed a brand new product that will launch next month – Gold Class Book Addicts, exclusive paid content. Let me tell you about it:

My free monthly newsletter will continue, along with my talks, both live and on Zoom, but those of you who sign up for Gold Class will receive additional premium content selected from the exclusive Gold Class categories. Every month,  your premium content might include:

  • A free Zoom lecture on a fascinating author during the year (this will be recorded, so you can watch it any time you like, or join us live) exclusively for Gold Class Book Addicts.
  • More great poems, read and analysed by me, gorgeously illustrated. The monthly poem has proved the most popular part of my newsletter, so join me for these poetic gems.
  • I’ve planned interviews with literary friends. I will begin by asking them, “If there was a fire in your house, which book would you save first?” I hope we’ll get some really intriguing answers. Which book would you save first?
  • Quizzes, games, and even jigsaw puzzles you can do both online or offline, all with a literary theme.
  • I know that not everyone can travel on one of my literary tours, so I’ll take you virtually to some amazing literary homes, museums, libraries and sites.
  • Do you like to cook as well as read? If so, you’ll enjoy my literary recipes where I’ll give you a recipe for food or drink, that might take you straight into the kitchen in a beloved book or an author’s kitchen.
  • Have you ever wondered what happened on this day in literary history? My ‘Pages of the Past’ will reveal important literary anniversaries – one for each day of the year.
  • ‘Books with a Beverage’ will give you the chance to join me on Zoom for a good discussion of the books we are all currently enjoying, with a set theme each time.

And, of course, I will still continue to provide you with wonderful reading recommendations, links to interesting literary information, poems, and pathways to more good books – all free of charge in my regular newsletter.

Gold Class Book Addicts officially launches with the first newsletter in January, but you can join now! I’ve got some early content in there and you will have had time to familiarise yourself with the format before the first published stories. You may even like to give a gift membership to your literary friend or loved one (just contact me for this).

Are you addicted to books? At last – here is how you can become a Gold Class Book Addict. Go on, do it now, and get the early bird content.

What would you like me to include in Gold Class Book Addicts? Tell me your thoughts by leaving a comment.

I only recommend books I have read and know. Some of these links are my affiliate links. If you buy a book by clicking on one of these links I receive a small commission. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but does help cover the cost of producing my free newsletter.

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  1. Thank you Sussanah for your “Notes” and the travels we had.
    I’m sorry to learn about your dear Father. Please keep talking about the good times you had with him, it helps to ease the pain.
    Congrats also on your “100”
    Best regards, Glenn

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