A book addict's dream

Your bibliophile’s dream has finally arrived — Gold Class

YOU are more than just a reader of my newsletter;
YOU are a valuable part of my close community where
joint love of literature meets its ultimate destination.

Coffee Snobs
extoll the virtues of their preferred brew to treat their caffeine addiction,

Sports Addicts
employ the Saturday game to treat their football addiction,

Book Addicts
now have the most effective way to manage their book addiction.

Book addicts who choose to treat their Book Addiction* with Gold Class membership can settle comfortably into their recliner seats and enjoy a wonderful range of exclusive extras.  Join Gold Class now and be part of something extraordinary.

I have had a wonderful time working my way through, by reading and watching, the content on Susannah’s Gold Class Book Addict site. All I can say is, I’m so glad I signed up and I look forward to a very literary nourishing and educational year in 2024.”
Catherine P

There is no known cure for Book Addiction, but luckily treatment is highly effective, and careful management allows those living with a book addiction to lead full and productive lives. But don’t delay, early intervention results in the best outcome.

How to treat Book Addiction

Treatment enables you to build a personal library filled with handpicked and exclusive content from these special categories.

Books with a Beverage
A rendezvous on Zoom just for Gold Class Book Addicts

Premier Pass
Your early ticket window for my talks or special events

The Beauty of Poetry
Truly grasp the full meaning of beautiful poems

Pages of the Past
Explore the events etched in the annals of literary history

Escape with Susannah
Take your complimentary seat on a virtual tour

A Moveable Feast
Eat and drink like they did back then

The Playground
Puzzles, jokes, jigsaws, quizes, and a smattering of literary cats

Bookish Gems
Exclusive recommendations to improve your to read list

Curated Pathways
Tailored links to unique content online, or even to me

Bookish Banter
Random chats with special guests, perhaps even you

Every month when you open my newsletter you’ll be delighted to receive a surprise of premium content selected from ten exclusive Gold Class categories. At an absolute minimum, I’ll have three additional stories (often more) just for Gold Class Book Addicts every month, but you won’t know what delights I’ve selected until you open your newsletter.

Subscriptions starting at just AU$25 are open now, and your exclusive Gold Class content will begin arriving in January. Make sure to subscribe and start treating your Book Addiction in the most creative, satisfying and entertaining way known.

If you join today, I have some early bird content ready to entertain you right now.

Further information and help


You can choose from three payment solutions, commencing at just $25.00, And, just like all of my products, if you don’t feel Gold Class is great value for money, simply let me know why within 7 days and I will refund your purchase price straight away.

* As described by me, Susannah Fullerton. This is not a medical condition.

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