1 June 2024 Susannah

Jane Austen & Crime

Susannah Fullerton, Jane Austen & Crime

Many years ago, I wrote my first book. Jane Austen and Crime was the first ever examination of crime and punishment in the novels of Jane Austen. I wrote it to answer various questions to which I didn’t know the answers – was eloping to Gretna Green a crime, how would the poachers Mr Rushworth boasts of catching have been punished, which characters commit criminal offences, and what were the consequences of duels, gambling, smuggling and theft?

I had a wonderful time writing it and was so thrilled when award-winning biographer Claire Tomalin, praised it as “essential reading for every Janeite”. Many readers have told me that the book has opened their eyes to a whole new way of seeing Jane Austen’s world. It was not all elegant balls and drinking of tea. Did you know that Jane Austen’s only two associations with Australia are criminal ones?

Now my book has a new cover and is available on Kindle for only $9.99. It has always been costly to post books internationally, so now my overseas readers, and anyone who prefers a digital edition, can buy it as an e-book. I’d be thrilled to have you support this new version of my book.

My 2013 book Happily Ever After: Celebrating Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, written to mark the 200th birthday of that brilliant novel, is also available on Kindle, as is my little memoir, Jane & I: A Tale of Austen Addiction. Surely with Jane Austen’s 250th birthday coming up next year, this is a good time to stock up your Austen library?

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