Jane & I: A Tale of Austen Addiction


Jane & I: A Tale of Austen AddictionThis charming memoir shows how a love of Jane Austen’s novels developed into a passionate addiction. Susannah Fullerton tells her own remarkable story with wit, elegance and passion.

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 “Jane and I by Susannah Fullerton, who has been President of the Jane Austen Society of Australia for over 20 years, is a delight from the moment one opens the cover to discover the lovely Regency-style end-papers. This is a beautifully produced book throughout with lots of full-color photographs. Best of all, though, is the story of how a little girl who loved to read became an ardent Janeite and turned her love of literature into a full time career that has taken her around the world. At so many stages in Susannah Fullerton’s story I wanted to shout, “Yes! That’s my story, too. That’s just how it was for me.” I am sure many readers will feel the same.” Donna Fletcher Crow, author

 “I don’t know which to admire most: the book-filled life of Susannah Fullerton, or her beguiling account of it. Crossing continents and embracing multiple authors – though Jane Austen reigns supreme – this is a vivid and original memoir for lovers of our literary heritage to savour.” Maggie Lane, Jane Austen expert and author

 “More than just a memoir, this delightful account of Susannah Fullerton’s lifelong love of books will enchant, inspire and amuse her readers. A joyful reminder of why books matter.” Read more of Jennifer’s review here: Jennifer Kloester, Author and Scholar