Literary Snapshots

Susannah’s Literary Snapshots are captivating vignettes of information. Each snapshot is filled with nuggets of literary gold and takes the reader on an armchair tour of a significant literary location or profile of an author’s life.

Succinct for easy reading, written in Susannah’s breezy style and fascinatingly interesting, each Literary Snapshot is available for immediate download after purchasing.

Elizabeth Gaskell and North and South

McConnel_&_Company_mills smlElizabeth Gaskell’s life was not always a happy one, and many deaths occur in North and South – hardly surprising when one considers the many deaths of family she experienced.

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L.M. Montgomery and Anne of Green Gables

Scan of page 257 of the book Anne of Green Gables (1909). croppedLucy Maud Montgomery was an imaginative child. Books took her into another world and she read voraciously. She especially loved poetry – Tennyson, Scott, Shakespeare, Byron and Longfellow. She began writing her own poems which first appeared in print when she was 16.

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Grandparents in Literature – A Reflection on Fictional Grandparents

Heidi and her grandfatherIn Johanna Spyri’s famous novel, Heidi, Grandfather is what so many grandparents are for children, both in life and in fiction – a source of love and kindness, a mentor and giver of knowledge and experience, a person who has time for the orphaned child and provides her with a stable home, and a symbol of continuity and the passing of time. Read more about literary grandparents.

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Mothers in Literature – A Reflection on Fictional Mothers

There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, cropped. If you want to assist someone planning to write a novel, the best piece of advice you can give them is “Kill off the mother!” This entertaining and detailed guide includes a 10 question quiz and a companion list of books for further reading. Just perfect for discussions and book clubs!

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Around the World in 30 Classics

historic-map-smlWould you like to travel the world through literature? Would you like to know which novel / short story / poem is particularly representative of its country of origin? Some authors have managed to capture especially evocatively the landscapes, people and history of their homelands.

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Charles Dickens: The Masterpieces

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens - cover imageThis mini-course on Dickens gives you information about the life of the novelist, a summary of the themes and major intentions in each novel, discussion about the various characters, and also provides 6 questions as a guide to discussion. Books for further reading are suggested.

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Controversial Classics

Illustration to Fanny Hill by Édouard-Henri Avril. - croppedObscene! Racist! Immoral! Blasphemous! These are just some of the charges that have been laid against works of literature over the centuries. Which novels have been especially controversial, resulting in court cases, the banning of the book, death threats and violence? Which works of literature have got readers and the authorities especially hot under the collar?

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Literary Dublin

James Joyce statue, DublinThe Irish capital is one of the great literary cities of the world. Are you planning a visit there? Would you like to explore the city’s literary heritage, find statues of famous writers, visit museums and libraries which display Irish literary treasures? Or do you just love to read Irish literature and wish to learn more about the places in the city which have inspired Dublin based writers?

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Literary Paris

Eiffel Tower and general view of the grounds, Exposition Universelle, 1900, Paris, FranceParis … the very name is full of magic! Everybody loves Paris, with its beautiful buildings, its rich history, its food, art and culture. France has a superb literary heritage too, and it is fascinating to explore Paris through its great writers – those who were born or spent their lives there, and also those writers who visited from other countries.

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