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Visiting places connected with literature brings the excitement of recognizing homes and landscapes long familiar to the imagination, of connecting loved novels and poems with the lives and environments of the authors and seeing firsthand the countryside they described. An ASA Literary Tour led by Susannah includes visiting writers’ homes, seeing original manuscripts, attending theatre performances, browsing museums, and much more. In gardens, ruins, castles, villages, churches and graveyards you will discover the effect of environment on a writer and investigate the role played by a sense of place in literary creation.

12 JAN – 16 JAN 2022
‘Georgian Hobart’: Meeting History Face to Face
This mini-tour offers talks and visits connected with Georgian Hobart. Explore quaint Battery Point on a guided walk, learn about the charming village of Richmond, and look around the historic, scenic and tragic Port Arthur. You will visit gracious Georgian homes and see some of the art of the era. There will be illustrated talks placing Hobart’s beginnings into their literary and historical contexts, and a fascinating look at those convicts who turned into authors. Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin on his one and only visit to Tasmania in 1836, learn how he nearly died there, and see where he probably spent his 27th birthday. How did Marcus Clarke depict Tasmania in his Australian classic For the Term of His Natural Life, and in which places did he set his scenes?

28 FEB – 3 MAR 2022
“French Chic”: Coco Chanel, her Friends, and 1920s Paris
Join a special 4-day event which will end with a viewing of the ‘Gabrielle Chanel: Fashion Manifesto’ treasures at the NGV. During this Macedon Ranges-based experience, you can enjoy an immersion in all things French. During the course of this ASA experience, you will dine on French food, listen to the music of Edith Piaf (and find out what Piaf had in common with Chanel), travel vicariously on the famed ‘Train Bleu’, and pay a visit to the Ritz.

9 MAR – 20 MAR 2022
‘My Country’: A Literary & Artistic Journey through New England and the Hunter Valley
Join me and award-winning artist David Henderson on a journey through New England and the Hunter Valley, to explore how the Australian landscape has exerted a powerful influence on Australian literature and painting.

27 JUL – 10 AUG 2022
“Where the roads lead…”: A Literary & Artistic Journey from the Darling Downs to Fraser Island – August 2021
“Where do the roads lead? It is not where we expected.”, (Country Town), Judith Wright 1963.
Join me and award-winning artist David Henderson on a journey through the Darling Downs, Lamington National Park, Brisbane and Fraser Island, to explore how the Australian landscape has exerted a powerful influence on Australian literature and painting.

18 OCT – 29 OCT 2022
“A Place of Special Value”: Literary & Artistic Travels in Victoria
Victoria has a long and proud literary history. In 2008, Melbourne became only the second city in the world, after Edinburgh, to receive designation as a City of Literature within UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network. Learn about Victorian writers, past and present, familiar and unfamiliar. On this tour I will be assisted by Shane Carmody, a historian with a great love of libraries and archives.

7 NOV – 22 NOV 2022
Islands of Singular Charm: A Literary, Historical and Cultural tour of New Zealand 2021
Join me and Russell Casey to learn about the literature, history and culture of New Zealand through lectures and site visits.

30 MAY – 17 JUN 2023
The Banks and Brae of Literary Scotland
This will be a cultural journey as well as a literary one, with visits to historic castles, to places of battle and massacre that have inspired ballads and songs, to sites connected with music such as Loch Lomond and the crossing to the Isle of Skye. We will look out for the legendary monster at Loch Ness, and will learn about the great architectural brothers Robert and William Adam. You will enjoy the contrasts of being in an elegant Georgian city one day and amidst wild scenery the next; you will visit grand homes and humble cottages; you will climb up a lighthouse, and search for otters. Libraries, those rich repositories of literature, are included, with private viewings of some of their treasures. In shops filled with literary memorabilia you can purchase or browse. Tartans and shortbread, banks and braes, whisky and wynds, bagpipes and haggis – all will add local colour and Scottishness to our journey.

19 JUL – 10 AUG 2023
Once upon a time in Scandinavia: A Literary Tour of Sweden, Denmark and Norway
The lands of fairy tales and fjords, Norse Gods and Vikings, have produced wonderful novels, plays and legends. This exciting new tour will explore classic Scandinavian authors such as Hans Christian Andersen, Henrik Ibsen and August Strindberg, but will also include more modern authors such as Astrid Lindgren, famed for Pippi Longstocking, Karen Blixen of Out of Africa fame, Nobel Prize winning authors Knut Hamsun and Sigrid Undset and the Nobel Prize Museum itself.

15 SEP – 5 OCT 2023
Exploring More Literary Landscapes of England
Exploring More Literary Landscapes of England will follow in the footsteps of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Daphne du Maurier, Virginia Woolf, Laurence Sterne, Rupert Brooke, Nancy Mitford, Agatha Christie and many other classic and popular writers. We will see the buildings they lived in, the fields and countryside that inspired them, the museums they have left behind them, and the manuscripts they laboured over. From stately homes to cottages, from graveyards to cathedrals, from tiny villages to bustling towns, from lush countryside to barren uplands, from the dales to the seaside, we will follow a variety of poets, novelists and playwrights and learn about their lives and writings.

A literary tour brings together very special people – people who read, who delight in the power of words, who have rich imaginations, who love history and who have a sense of adventure. Susannah has been leading literary tours since 2000. Her tours include world-wide destinations to interest anyone who loves literature.

Susannah’s travel schedule is constantly changing, so the best place to see her latest tours is at the ASA Tours website, where you can contact them to book.

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