1 February 2022 Susannah

Lorna Doone and Dictionaries

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I’ve been busy on my YouTube channel again and have two new video talks ready for you to view.

R.D. Blackmore’s novel Lorna Doone was a Victorian bestseller. It has been filmed many times and it created a whole tourist industry in Exmoor, as readers hurried to see the settings of the story. It’s a novel I love – it’s romantic, packed with action, and the descriptions of the local scenery are amazing. Blackmore did write other novels, but they have long gone out of print. Lorna Doone, however, has lasted and is a novel that’s well worth reading.

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Dr Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language was published in 1755 and for the next 100 years it was the authoritative dictionary for anyone using English. I’ve always found it a fascinating book and love to read books about its creation. It was the incredible product of just one man’s brain (in France they had a whole academy working on their new dictionary) and many intriguing books have been written about Johnson’s struggles, delays and challenges.

Finally, it was superseded in length and scope by the great Oxford English Dictionary, which had a large team of men compiling it all, and again, some memorable books have been written about this creative enterprise, including the recent and popular The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams.

Immerse yourself in the amazing world of lexicographers and their works.

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  1. Tricia Koffel

    Hi, Susannah – seeing your item here about ‘Lorna Doone” brought back a vivid memory for me of visiting the church at Oare and standing still inside the church for some time, just mulling over the novel and soaking in the atmosphere inside that small building. Being a wet, rainy day added to my experience, of course! 1999 – last century now – but I can still recall the way it affected me from those images still in my mind. Cheers! Tricia

    • Susannah Fullerton

      It is a wonderfully atmospheric little church, isn’t it! I can imagine it on a wet day, so lonely and in that beautiful landscape. I do love the novel and its superb nature descriptions.

      • Tricia Koffel

        Couldn’t agree with you more about this book, Susannah! I think being there on my own made for it being even more special. Meant I could take my time there, trying out sitting in different spots, thinking about what took place in the church in the story. So enjoying your newsletters – thank you – have recommended your website to Judi Staple.

        • Susannah Fullerton

          Thanks for the recommendation to Judi, and please say Hi to her from me. The Glenmore Rd days seem a long time ago. She taught Elinor who is currently expecting her 3rd baby.

          • Tricia Koffel

            I’ll pass your message on to Judi and let her know about Elinor. We had a chat about the Fullerton children when I told her about your marvellous website, so she had reminded me that she’d had Elinor in her class. Another grandchild – that’s always extra special! All the best to Elinor, Susannah!

  2. Honey

    You precious woman. You could encourage anyone to read anything with your charm, your lovely musical voice and diction, and your enthusiasm and knowledge..

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