1 August 2020 Susannah


Literary Giants Face Mask

If one must wear a face mask, then it’s a nice idea to find one that advertises your love of books. There now seems to be quite a range on the market. I like the idea of one with the Shakespeare quote, “We shall every ONE be mask’d”.

Others display a row of books, or text from a favourite novel, or simply list names of great authors. Articles have also appeared on-line about what sort of face masks literary characters might choose to adopt. Would Jane Eyre go for bold stripes, or a delicate floral?; would Sherlock’s be decorated with pipes or magnifying glasses?; would Hamlet’s be made of fabric decorated with skulls?

I do hope that all the readers of this newsletter are staying safe and well, and coping with this time of crisis in the world. Thank goodness we love books – they really help us in such times of stress.

What design would your favourite literary character wear on their face mask? What design would you wear? Tell me by leaving a comment.

(The mask pictured here is just one that I’d be tempted to wear, I don’t endorse or have any affiliation with this manufacturer.)

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Featured image credit- Literary Giants Face Mask from https://www.redbubble.com/i/mask/Literary-Giants-Pattern-by-GrandeDuc/38852972.9G0D8

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  1. Lois

    Susannah: I would like to wear a mask that shows a smile, rather than relying on my eyes to do that.

  2. Stephanie Edwards

    I have seen one that says Keep Calm and keep your distance but I would prefer ” Stay home and read Jane Austen !”

    • Susannah Fullerton

      Reading Jane Austen is just the best medicine in these difficult times.

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