1 May 2017 Susannah

Mothers in Literature

Mothers Day offer

Mothers in Literature – A Reflection on Fictional Mothers

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe

There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

If you want to assist someone planning to write a novel, the best piece of advice you can give them is “Kill off the mother!” That way, you can put your hero or heroine through all sorts of trials and tests of character.

But not every literary mother is dead. This special Mothers Day inspired guide discusses a great variety of mothers in fiction. Learn about the exceptional, the good, the mediocre, the bad, the nasty, and even the dead mothers of the literary world.

Discover how Susannah rates different mothers in their maternal roles, and challenge yourself with a little quiz on literary mums.

Everyone who has a mother will enjoy this delightful and gorgeously illustrated survey of mothers in literature at their best and at their worst – highly recommended!”  – Dr Joanna Penglase

At just $3 only, this entertaining and detailed 14-page monograph includes a companion list of books for further reading. A perfect gift for any literary mum. Available for immediate download.


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Featured image credit- The Graphics Fairy http://thegraphicsfairy.com, and Susannah Fullerton
Body image credit- There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe. Project Gutenberg’s Childhood’s Favorites and Fairy Stories, by Various. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/19993/19993-h/19993-h.htm
Body image credit- Susannah Fullerton book cover image and JASA bookmarks

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