1 April 2021 Susannah

Pippi Longstocking – A Video Talk

She is feisty, feminist, and she fights injustice. She dresses oddly, has a face covered in freckles, and is incredibly strong, both physically and mentally. The little girl with red hair in sticking-out plaits, and with a monkey perched on her shoulder, has made her way into millions of hearts in the form of the original book, the film versions, and the theme parks.

But who was Pippi’s creator? Today we think of Sweden as a very liberated and modern society, but how did young Astrid Lindgren shock her puritanical Swedish townsfolk? What was it that inspired the creation of a girl who faces up to bullies when the Swedish were holding a neutral position during World War II? What laws did Astrid Lindgren change and how did she improve her society by using the popularity of her novels?

Learn more about the unconventional, strong woman who created Pippi, and how the beloved tale came into being.

Join me on a visit to beautiful Sweden to discover intriguing information about a children’s classic and a memorable and unusual heroine. Just $9 for the full video talk, available now.

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Featured image credit- Gregory Peck & Brock Peters, To Kill a Mockingbird, 1962 Universal Pictures movie adaptation, https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0056592/

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