24 April 2016 Susannah

Poetry To Fill A Room

Poetry To Fill A Room, poems by Susannah Fullerton, image

At long last my new CD is ready! I’m very excited about it. Over the years I’ve read many poems at my lectures and on my tours and have often been asked if I’d ever recorded any of my readings. So finally I decided it was time to do so. I found a recording firm, chose some favourite poems, wrote a script to introduce them, and did the actual recording. The result is Poetry to Fill a Room. English novelist Arnold Bennett once said that “if there was one word that could clear a public place… quicker than any other, that word was poetry”. That is such a pity – poetry should fill a room with people, not empty it. I hope that my readings will persuade you to spend more time enjoying poetry.

The hardest part of making the CD was choosing the poems. I have so many favourites. I’ve tried to provide a nice variety – comic poems, war poems, sonnets and lyrics, well-known favourites and a few lesser known gems.

I had such fun making the CD – I do hope you enjoy it.

Order online now for $22 (postage included) or you can buy it direct at my talks.

You can now personalise your CD with an inscription and signature.


What do you think of the poems? Are you a poetry lover?
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Comments (4)

    • Susannah Fullerton

      Hope you enjoy it. I had such fun choosing the poems and rreciting them.

  1. Celia Finnimore

    I am coming to your lecture on Thirsday, dear Susannah, and would love to buy your poetry CD then. Looking very much forward to seeing you again. Best regards, Celia (Mittagong)

    • Susannah Fullerton

      It will be lovely to see you at the Art Gallery and I will make sure to have plenty of CDs with me.
      Many thanks for your kind comments, Celia.

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