Poetry To Fill A Room – Audio CD


I am really enjoying listening to your CD whilst I’m driving. So far I have crossed the Harbour Bridge with Kipling, driven along the M1 with Elizabeth Barrett Browning and have journeyed to the Northern Beaches with Tennyson. Sheer delight!”

Poetry To Fill A Room, poems by Susannah Fullerton, image

Poetry To Fill A Room, poems by Susannah Fullerton

English novelist Arnold Bennett once said that “if there was one word that could clear a public place… quicker than any other, that word was poetry”. That is such a pity – poetry should fill a room with people, not empty it.

Poetry can hugely enrich your life, especially if it is listened to rather than read. Susannah Fullerton shares with you some of her favourite poems – narrative poems, lyric verse, war poems and comic poems. Enjoy familiar favourites, be introduced to some new poets and discover the magic of what Coleridge called “the best words in the best order”. Poems include works by Shakespeare, Raleigh, Milton, Wordsworth, Byron, Keats, Hardy, Kipling, Owen, Brooke, and others.

Susannah Fullerton uses her training in drama to enhance her readings from poems and novels.

ISBN: 978 0 646 94861 4, Recorded at Ryde Recording Studio, NSW, Australia, 2016
Cost: A$22.00, including postage (within Australia)




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