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This pack contains 9 edited video recordings from the presentations at the Georgette Heyer Day Conference in 2023. Details below.

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What a delight – thank you SO much! The talks were fabulous, and I can’t believe such great content was generated, when you’ve already had previous Heyer conferences. I can only imagine the topics covered in earlier presentations.”
Susan D

Those who love the novels of Jane Austen always think of her characters when we tread the streets of Bath, but for some of us there are other characters who come to mind as well – the delightful fictional creations of Georgette Heyer. Many of her books are set in Bath and she uses the city and its prestigious and not-so-salubrious addresses with the same skill as did Jane Austen. Heyer gives readers a greater range of locations, so from York and Harrogate in the north, down to Rye in Kent, it is possible to find places and buildings that appear in her fiction.

I find that Georgette Heyer fans are often shy about publicly admitting their love for her books. Perhaps this is because they are sometimes met by ignorant readers stating ‘Oh, she’s just Mills & Boon’. This is such a mistaken view! Heyer was a superbly skilled novelist and has never been beaten in the genre, in spite of thousands of imitations. Her books have never been out of print. Heyer admirers include Stephen Fry, A.S. Byatt, Margaret Drabble, Emma Darwin, Elly Griffiths, William Golding, and many more illustrious readers and writers. I am proud to share my love of Heyer’s novels and to be Lady Patroness of a society that bears her name.

What you receive

This pack contains 9 beautifully edited video recordings from the engaging and thoughtful presentations at the Georgette Heyer Day Conference in 2023. Topics included are:

  • The International Heyer Society—Rachel Hyland
  • Fribbles and Frippery Fellows: Georgette Heyer and the Art of Flummery—Kate Forsyth
  • Powder and Patch: 100 Years—Susannah Fullerton
  • Vapours, Vinaigrettes and Restorative Pork Jelly—Amanda Jones
  • Georgette Heyer and Contemporary Fiction—Bronwyn Parry
  • Censorship or Sensitive? Reading Georgette Heyer in 2023—Jennifer Kloester
  • Heroes and Heroines—Jennifer Kloester
  • Georgette Heyer and the Art of Naming—Susannah Fullerton
  • My Favourite Georgette Heyer Novel:

These Old Shades —Kate Forsyth
The Foundling—Dr Julia Kelly
Venetia—Rachel Hyland
The Nonesuch—Megan Bryan
Bath Tangle—Malvina Yock

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Further reading

I have provided links for where to buy books in print, ebook, or audio. You may also enjoy my 56-minute talk video talk, The Inimitable Georgette Heyer – A tour of her Regency England, which will take you to Bath and Brighton, to the Gentlemen’s Clubs of St James’s, to gorgeous shops and into ballrooms, with the many of the memorable characters that Heyer created. Find the links here.

Thank you

A very big thank you to all the wonderful Heyer enthusiasts who joined us in person for the 2023 Georgette Heyer Day Conference. A room full of enthusiastic, engaged participants makes any conference more vibrant, lively and successful. Thank you also to all the highly polished presenters who shared their knowledge, opinions and humour about Georgette Heyer’s books for us all to enjoy. You are all amazing.

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