The inimitable Georgette Heyer - A tour of her Regency England

A video talk

Georgette Heyer’s Regency novels have never been out of print. And there’s good reason for that. Her historical comedies of manners have charm, wit, romance, perception into human nature and a wealth of fabulous historical detail.

Few novelists have given me such comfort, entertainment and laughs as has the inimitable Georgette! I’m in good company in my admiration for her skill as a writer – William Golding, Stephen Fry, A.S. Byatt, Germaine Greer, Margaret Drabble and the Queen are amongst her fans.

Discover gentlemen’s clubs and more

This talk will take you to the places where she sets her novels. Discover the gentlemen’s clubs of Regency London, Almack’s where her heroines dance, the shops they visit, the squares and crescents where they walk and such towns as Bath and Brighton where they go for their health or to ‘take the air’. Learn about the real historical figures she introduces into her fiction, the sporting venues, and the English counties she most favoured as settings for her stories.

A new International Society

I’m delighted to hold the position of Lady Patroness of the newly formed International Georgette Heyer Society which will bring together Heyer fans from around the world. The society will publish a regular circular ‘Nonpareil’, it plans to hold a conference in Melbourne next year (to mark the centenary of Heyer’s first published novel, The Black Moth, and it will keep you informed of new books about this fabulous historical writer. To join, see

“I stand by her. I think she’s a fabulous writer.”
― Stephen Fry

What’s in the video?

Did you read Georgette Heyer’s novels as a teenager, and then dismiss them as books for teenagers as you got older? If so, I hope this talk will convince you that you made a big mistake. These are books you come to appreciate more and more, and they can be re-read with increased enjoyment every time.

Join me on a journey to Regency England and the places Georgette describes so eloquently. The talk also includes dramatic readings from the novels and brings alive some of her memorable characters. Do you know which character Georgette herself regarded as her best creation? It was the fabulous Ferdy Fakenham from Friday’s Child.

Discuss it with me

Georgette Heyer’s novels were remarkably even in quality – do you have a favourite? Have you tried her detective novels? Would you consider attending the conference planned for 2021, or joining the newly formed International Georgette Heyer Society? Let’s discuss it here.

Purchase the complete Virtual Talk (just $9)

This Virtual Talk is a real video treat! In it, It will take you travelling through the gorgeous Georgian and Regency world of Georgette’s novels. You will discover which real clubs, buildings, parks and squares she used as settings for her fiction, and which of those places can still be visited today. You will travel to Bath and Brighton, and learn which counties Georgette used most often as settings. And you will be entertained with some delightful dramatic readings from her novels. This talk is illustrated with photographs, paintings, and book covers – you’ll have plenty to look at while you listen.

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JUST $9. Buy it now! You’ll receive access details by return email.

I just purchased your Georgette Heyer video and wanted to say I absolutely loved it!. I was watching it with a massive smile on my face as it walked me through all her regency stories. Thank you!


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