Hans Christian Andersen

4 Scandi Trailblazers Who Changed the World

His own life was captured in The Ugly Duckling, as the poor son of a cobbler and a washerwoman Hans Christian Andersen rose to become the ‘swan’ of Europe, courted by royalty, showered with honours and medals. But Andersen’s search for love never ended in the ‘happy ever after’ of his tales, and his insecurities made him obsessively rewrite the story of his life. Charles Dickens condemned him as “a bony bore”, but aristocrats and royals were delighted to invite him to stay.

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His 156 stories have been translated into 125 languages and are today embedded in our consciousness. In that era, children’s stories were meant to educate and moralise. But Andersen wrote his stories in a chatty, informal style and aimed to amuse. He was also a talented artist (his paper cut-outs are treasured items in museums), a novelist and travel writer.

Andersen’s wonderful fairy tales laid the groundwork for most of the great children’s literature to come. Just $15, purchase access here.

We both enjoyed all the French celebrities, especially Chanel, and then Hans Christian Andersen this week was just as informative and interesting.
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