Jane Austen and Crime

Discover the darker side of Jane Austen. Which of her characters commit hanging offences? Who fights duels? What were the consequences? Jane Austen & Crime reveals how Austen’s contemporaries reacted and how they would have been punished.

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Learn which of Jane Austen’s characters commit hanging offences, discover who fights duels and what the consequences were, find out what Austen knew of hangings and where she describes them in her juvenilia, and see how poaching is used symbolically in her fiction to brilliant effect. Adultery, elopements to Gretna Green, gambling, suicide, theft and imprisonment are all discussed. Jane Austen and Crime reveals Jane Austen’s personal responses to crimes and punishments in her day, showing why she visited a gaol after writing Mansfield Park, why she gave some of her characters careers in the law, how her approach to crime altered from the juvenilia to the mature fiction, and what she thought and knew of duellers, poachers, elopers and thieves.

This is an essential reference book for all who want to know more about Jane Austen and her world and writing.

“I was blown away by Susannah Fullerton’s Jane Austen and Crime, not just the theme which few people had thought about before, but the interesting debate, the tremendous research and the wonderful style.”
― Celine Kear, ex-Regional Co-ordinator JASNA Manitoba

Many people have enjoyed reading Susannah Fullerton’s, Jane Austen & Crime. Read more of their reviews here.

Jane Austen and Crime treats aspects of crime in Jane Austen’s day with a special waft of freshness from Australia. Even the most jaded, the most sated, experienced old cur of an Austen hand will be surprised by how much new light this book shines on Austen’s work and times. It’s an intelligent light too: author Susannah Fullerton is as acute a literary and cultural observer as exists anywhere in the ever-expanding Austen geopolitical world; and her writing is among the most incisive, insightful and illuminating to be found among Austen academic scholars.

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