John Keats image

Portrait of English Romantic poet, John Keats, in 1819 by his friend Joseph Severn (1793–1879).

John Keats: Romantic Poet

His life was tragically short, but Keats was blessed with a ‘teeming’ poetic gift which triumphed over both his personal suffering and savage criticism. The sensuous loveliness of his poems demonstrates his cherished belief that Beauty and Truth are one and the same.

Keats battled a difficult childhood, terrible financial worries, the loss of a loved brother from TB, medical training, and then the knowledge that he himself would soon die from the disease that had killed his brother, instead of being able to live and marry the woman he loved. Amidst all this, he created some of the greatest poems in the English language.

Susannah Fullerton recites some favourites and recounts the tale of the short but amazing life of this poet.


image: “JohnKeats1819 hires” by Joseph Severn (1793–1879) – National Portrait Gallery