1 October 2023 Susannah

Progress is impossible without change

"Progress is impossible without change," George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change.” My monthly newsletter has remained essentially the same since the first issue I sent eight years ago. Thinking about this, an old adage that goes something along the lines of “if you don’t grow, you stagnate” comes to mind also. So, on this centenary occasion, now seems like the perfect time to share my plans to revitalise and grow Notes From A Book Addict.

Here are the two projects I have planned:

1. Something for supreme book addicts

We unapologetic book addicts are a unique breed – you find us in the back of the bookshop or library, or reading emails and book lists, actively hunting out our next great read. We love the thrill of the chase, of discovering new or unique literary treasures to devour and talk over with friends. Our favourite opening line is, “What book are you reading now?” when we meet a friend; but please don’t ever ask us about the size of our to-read pile on the bedside table.

Get excited, because your book addict’s dream is just around the corner.

I’m thrilled to announce that next year I’m introducing a whole new status for book addicts – the Gold Class.

Gold Class Book Addicts will be more than just readers of my newsletter; you’ll be a cherished part of my inner community. Your gold status will open the door to treasures such as collections of handpicked content, an early-bird window to book events, extra talks and privileges, hidden gems, and some quirky little surprises designed to amuse you. I’ll have more details next month, but you can expect it to be very special.

2. Supporters

I am constantly asked for recommendations of all types, so I’m looking to form relationships with a select few individuals from the beginning of next year. Perhaps one of them could be you? You’ll be a reader who has something of interest to share with like-minded people.

Beginning in January, each of my newsletters will be presented by one hand-picked sponsor. Monthly sponsors will have their message or brand presented to my audience featuring as my supporter and partner that month. I’ll also acknowledge you on my Facebook page.

I only have 12 spaces available, so when they are gone there will be no more for 2024. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to showcase your brand, product, or message to a highly engaged and discerning audience.

I have a special offer for people who respond during November 2023, so contact me now to learn more and be one of the first of my special featured supporters.

Over the years, as my newsletter has progressed and grown, the cost to produce it has also increased. Software is expensive and I have to pay Cheryl for her time and expertise. For as long as you like to receive it, I’ll continue to send my free monthly Notes From A Book Addict newsletter, and I hope that you’ll appreciate my plans to continue to offer you a reading journey that I’ve been told is nothing short of extraordinary. I’m looking forward to the next 100 issues.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment.

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Featured image- George Bernard Shaw, https://twitter.com/steve_hanke/status/1637801170298085378
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Comments (5)

  1. Anne Williams

    I think change is great, it keeps us from getting too comfortable. I think your Newsletters are a great work of art, always those extra highlights in red where it takes you to so much more interesting pieces, your variety research is wonderful. I wonder why you haven’t needed supporters up until now, excellent!

  2. Penny Morris

    The other saying about change comes from Heraclitus a Greek Philosopher – “the only constant is change” or alternately “no one ever steps in the same river twice”. Good luck with the changes but do please keep the fundamentals for we less academic readers.

    • Susannah Fullerton

      Thanks for your comments, Penny. The newsletter will not change! The Gold Class membership will just provide people with ‘more’ – a video talk, some illustrated poetry recordings, literary recipes, first chance to book for my events, more book recommendations etc.

  3. Chris Browne

    Your GBS quotation reminds me of one of my favourite ones, whose attribution is uncertain.
    “The only change that people like is the change that they can jingle in their pocket.”

    I do sincerely wish you all the best with your new initiatives.
    Best wishes

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