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More about the Literary Reader’s Guides

In these entertaining and detailed monographs, Susannah Fullerton introduces remarkable authors whose legacies are still felt around the world. Susannah tells you all about a writer’s life, analyses the themes and characters in a well-known novel, lists film versions you might like to watch, suggests titles for further reading and gives you her take on the work. She even includes 8 questions for discussion in book groups, or just to get you really thinking about the book.

Literary Reader’s Guides are fully illustrated in colour, and are about 25 pages in length. They are a download product and you will receive an email with the link to view, download or save your Reader’s Guide after completing the purchase.

Susannah will even discuss the book with you herself at her Book of the Month page.

Book of the Month Club works like this: If you take out an annual subscription, each month you read a fabulous novel that Susannah has carefully selected.

Nobody chases you up to check that you’ve read it, and you can postpone the reading to any time that best suits you.

On the first day of each month Susannah sends you a Reader’s Guide about a novel (or short story) which contains lots of fascinating information about the author, what influenced the creation of that particular story, and a discussion of the important characters and themes.

Check out Susannah’s Book of the Month book list or order a Literary Reader’s Guide now.

Susannah has published many articles, books, monographs and spoken word CDs, most notably, several about Jane Austen’s work. Unlike so many research books, Susannah’s works are definitely intended for a popular readership.

Treat yourself, or buy a thoughtful gift for a reading friend.

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