3 October 2023 Susannah

Revisit Georgette Heyer

Georgette Heyer Conference

There are few writers whose novels have given me as much pleasure as those of historical novelist Georgette Heyer. I read many of her books as a teenager, then forgot about them for a couple of decades. Thanks to a friend who loaned me audio versions, I rediscovered her books and have been delighting in them ever since.

In September 2023, a one-day Georgette Heyer conference was held in Sydney. The presenters on the day kindly allowed their talks to be recorded so I could offer videos to Heyer fans.

Purchase the pack of 9 edited video recordings from the Conference here

Many people tell me they used to read Heyer in their teens, but have not returned to her books since then. If you are one of those people, please consider going back to her books – they are written with such skill, they bring alive the Regency era so vividly.

I love her books, have you read one lately? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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  1. Karen Stapleton

    Hi Susannah
    Quick marketing question – is there some way you can buy the videos on Georgette Heyer as a gift for someone. I’m thinking it would make a great Christmas present for a friend.

    • Susannah Fullerton

      I believe you have been contacted about this, but yes, the fabulous Heyer conference talks are available as gifts.

  2. What aspects of Georgette Heyer’s historical novels have brought you so much pleasure, and what initially drew you to her works as a teenager? Could you share more about your rediscovery of her books, including the role that audio versions played in reigniting your appreciation for her novels, and what has been particularly delightful about revisiting her works?

    • Susannah Fullerton

      I love her humour, her historical accuracy, and the charm of her books. Audio versions really highlight the cleverness of her writing. Her books are very comforting.

  3. Maureen Williams

    Hi Susannah
    I did write before, but my comment seems to have disappeared into the ether! I am a Georgette Heyer Tragic – I have read and reread her books many times over the years – often skipping to the dialogue which delights me. I recently revisited “The Devil’s Cub” on Audible and chapter
    18 represents for me the essence of Georgette Heyer – fabulous wit and repartee. I listen to it again and again when ever I want to be uplifted.
    You won’t remember, but you kindly gave a talk on Jane Austen for me years ago at Roseville for the Addisons Disease Association with Peter Kirby and the Constant Reader bookshop.
    I’m looking forward to hearing you again on the 2nd September.

    • Susannah Fullerton

      I do indeed remember giving that talk in Roseville and how interesting it was talking to people who had Addisons, probably like Jane Austen.
      I am so glad you share my passion for Heyer’s fabulous novels. Devil’s Cub is one of my top favourites. Did you know that the Americans are now objecting to the novel because it contains attempted rape and gun violence???? Can you believe it?
      See you at the conference, which is filling up fast.

  4. Jenny Gray

    Hi Susannah. I have never read any of Heyer’s novels, although she was one of my mother’s favourite authors.
    Any suggestions of where I should start?

    • Bronwyn Beattie

      I had forgotten about the Heyer books. – yes I loved them as a teenager too. Another author I recall reading was Frank Yerby, “The Foxes of Harrow” comes to mind”. Have you read Yerby?? I loved your recent talk at Sutherland Library on the 10 most influential novels. Marvellous. Thank you.

      • Susannah Fullerton

        I have never heard of Frank Yerby, so thanks for the recommmendation.
        I loved Heyer in my teens, but it was only when I went back to her as an adult reader that I realised her superb quality as a novelist.
        I am so glad you enjoyed my talk.

  5. Carolyn Cossgrove

    Hello Susannah,
    Why do you think that apart from the old black and white version of The Reluctant Widow, nobody adapts her books for the screen? More worthy than Bridgerton I would have thought…
    My mum has most of Georgette Heyer’s Regency romances and I love borrowing them. I’ve had to replace a few for her as they are a little too well loved!
    My personal favourites are A Civil Contract (also my Mum’s fave), The Quiet Gentleman and The Grand Sophy.

    • Susannah Fullerton

      It’s really hard to understand why more film versions have not been made of her novels. There is so much witty dialogues ready and waiting to be used. The Reluctant Widow bore so little relation to what Heyer actually wrote. The Grand Sophy has been optioned for a movie, and there is a German film version of Arabella, so all we can do it wait and hope that they will be turned into films some time.
      I think an ideal birthday gift for your Mum is the little book I produced – ‘Georgette Heyer: Complete to a Shade’ with comments about her novels from such people as Stephen Fry, Emma Darwin, and others. It’s great fun.

  6. Leonie Egan

    I am broken-hearted that I cannot attend your Georgette Heyer conference (age 80 and place too distant!) But I must add my bit. I have read and re read all the books of this suuperb writer and she has given me great joy by her superb wit, her wonderful dialogue and her accurate knowledge of that era. A couple of her books towards the end of her writing showed her mental tiredness (when she needed income for taxes) but who am I to criticise? My favourites of her writing (oh so many) were perhaps AN INFAMOUS ARMY, The TALISMAN RING and FREDERICA. So hard to choose as I have reread them to rags before bedtime. Enjoy your time together. Her books are the most borrowed in our Aged Care units.

    • Susannah Fullerton

      Don’t despair – the talks will be filmed and will be available for purchase after the event. I can let you know when they are ready and what the cost will be.
      I adore Frederica and The Talisman Ring, but An Infamous Army is one of my least favourites – so many of us Heyer readers have different favourites, which show how even in quality she was as a novelist. Lovely to know they are still so frequently borrowed from your unit.

  7. Glenda

    Hi Sussanah
    One of my favourite Heyer books is The Talisman Ring.
    Her portrayal of the shocking and immodest perusal of one’s sprained ankle by a male stranger is so funny but also an observation on the prudery of the times.
    I had a huge collection of Heyer paperbacks in my teens but they disintegrated through overuse so I through them away. 😟
    Now I can’t even find them at the library anymore.
    So sad.

    • Susannah Fullerton

      She is funny and such a very clever writer, isn’t she. The talks at the Heyer conference will be filmed and available for purcahse after the event, so do let me know if you would like to be notified about them?

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