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Literary Guides designed for lovers of classic and important literature. Readers who appreciate novels that combine a good sense of an historical period with a wonderful love story.

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The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Far From the Madding Crowd

North and South

A Room with a View

Dr Thorne


The Historical Romance Pack contains 6 reading guides, each one covering the life of an author and one of their most popular or important works. Individually $4 each, the pack includes one free guide and is just


Each beautifully illustrated, full-colour guide delves into the fascinating facts about an author and one of their most important works. It discusses the historical background to the story, lists film adaptations of the book, and informs you about the themes and characters. There are even 8 discussion questions for you to share with your book group or friends.

  • As 2020 is the 200th anniversary of Anne Bronte’s birth, this is a great time to read her masterpiece The Tenant of Wildfell Hall – such a brave novel for a Victorian woman to have written!
  • Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South is a ‘condition of England’ novel, exploring the rights of workers in a northern English city, but it is also a powerful love story between gorgeous John Thornton and strong Margaret Hale.
  • Anthony Trollope’s Dr Thorne is a novel about the power of money in the Victorian world, and it contains several love stories as well. Such a superb novel!
  • Far From the Madding Crowd is one of Thomas Hardy’s happiest novels, and much of it reflects his own life story. Three men fall for Bathsheba Everdene, and her romantic choices are set against the glorious rural landscapes of Dorset.
  • A Room with a View sets its love story against a backdrop of luscious Venice and Edwardian England and what a contrast they make! Lucy has to discover which view of life she prefers.
  • Emma is, in my view, the world’s greatest novel. Come and learn about its riches, its superb love story, its depiction of an English village, and its acute psychological perceptions.

Susannah Fullerton’s Literary Readers Guides for designed for those who care about classic and important literature.

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What makes them special

  • Learn about classic books in easy-to-understand everyday language.
  • Discover the life of the person who wrote the book.
  • Understand what prompted the book to be written.
  • Identify the characters’ roles in the narrative.
  • Grasp the influence of the era, lifestyle and circumstances of the book’s setting.
  • Pick up on the small things that make a story rich.
  • Read the book with a much greater understanding of its background for more enjoyment.

Anybody could sit down and read the list of books Susannah has supplied. But it’s not so easy to learn about how the author came to write the book, or receive a commentary on all the film versions / sequels / adaptations that have resulted from it. Susannah helps you analyse the themes, consider the various characters and their motivations, and gives you links for further explorations. She guarantees that, after following her guides, you will have a far richer understanding of some fabulous classics than you ever would have done by just reading them on your own.

Every beautifully presented handbook is over 24 pages in length and packed with colour images. Each has an online Reader’s Companion with carefully curated links to further reading, videos and extended material about the author and the book.

Save and print your guides to build your own collection of fabulous reading references.

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