12 April 2021 Susannah

Seven Little Australians – A Zoom Talk

7 Little Australians, 1973 ABC TV mini series

In an era when fiction was supposed to be about ‘good’ children, Ethel Turner dared to make her seven Aussie children naughty, getting into constant scrapes and sometimes getting away with them. In 1994 this was the only book by an Australian author to have been continuously in print for 100 years. Discover why Seven Little Australians is such a beloved classic.

A few years ago, ‘Woodlands’, the Killara house that was once home to Ethel Turner, and where she wrote her classic novel came up for sale. I was just thrilled to be invited there recently to meet with the new owners and to hear their plans. I’ll tell you about it during this Zoom talk. It’s very exciting!

There are limited seats available to join my Tea with a Book Addict group on Zoom for a 60 minute talk, followed a group chat about the author and the book.

Book here:

Seven Little Australians was set in Sydney in the 1880s. Yet the lessons of the novel are as relevant today as when the book first appeared. What do the Woolcots learn? And what do we learn as readers? Revisit and celebrate this fabulous Australian novel and learn about the remarkable woman who wrote it. Read more about this talk here.

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Featured image credit- Barbara Llewellyn, Mark Shields-Brown, Jennifer Cluff, Anna Hruby, Christian Robinson, Mark Clark, 7 Little Australians, 1973 ABC TV mini series, https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0140763/

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  1. Jenny ONeill

    Does anyone know why the film of the Seven Little Australians is not on TV any more? It was an excellent program for children.

    • Serene

      If you can’t find the dvd, I just googled it, and it comes up on Daily Motion (similar to YouTube I guess), with eight episodes…

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