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Susannah Fullerton has written a delightful range of works. If you have enjoyed her talks, you’ll hear that same voice in her writing. Let Susannah be your guide to a selection of famous authors and their works.

Susannah’s style is easy and enjoyable to read, her books and readers’ guides are packed with meticulously researched information and innovative views. Both academic and accessible, her books have been praised by biographer Claire Tomalin, crime writer Reginald Hill and Jane Austen expert Maggie Lane. Why not treat yourself to one of Susannah’s fascinating books or readers’ guides? And gift one to a friend as well!

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Susannah has published many articles, books, monographs and spoken word CDs, most notably, several about Jane Austen’s work. Unlike so many research books, Susannah’s works are definitely intended for a popular readership. Treat yourself, or buy a thoughtful gift for a reading friend.

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