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I’ve prepared a series of illustrated Zoom and video talks which will take you around the world to 12 different countries. Check our full travel itinerary here. You can join this ‘tour’, no matter where in the world you live.

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Travellers receive an invitation to join my monthly Zoom conference for that month’s book and its author. While we have afternoon tea (4pm in Sydney) I’ll talk for an hour or so, then we can chat and I’ll answer your questions. You’ll also receive a fully illustrated video talk about this writer and their work that you can watch as often as you want to later (not just a recording of the Zoom session). Each month you’ll receive a reading list in advance so you can prepare.

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Virtual travelling

Let’s take high tea on the high seas as we cruise to exotic literary locations around the world. Using the safe and convenient Zoom, I’ll be your travel guide on a lavish virtual adventure visiting fabulous destinations worldwide through some great literature that brings these countries, their people and history alive.

I’ve prepared a series of illustrated Zoom talks which will take you around the world to 12 different countries. At each port-of-call, we will explore the life of a brilliant local writer and one of their books. Check our full travel itinerary here. You can join this ‘tour’, no matter where in the world you live. Go straight to buy your ticket or read some reviews.

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Every month my tour group will receive a ticket to join me in a live Zoom talk about an author and the country where they lived and wrote. Each talk will be full of intriguing and fascinating stories about the author behind the book, and about the story itself. Settle back in your comfy chair, grab a cup of tea, and join me for about 60 minutes while I tell you all about a favourite literary classic. I’ll explain the book’s themes, characters and the writer’s motivation in completing and publishing the work. There’ll be time for you to ask questions and we can chat about it together.

But don’t worry if other engagements or international time differences mean you can’t make it to the live talk. You’ll also receive a video talk on the same topic to watch as often as you want to and whenever you choose. Not just the Zoom recording, but a whole new fully illustrated video talk.

Travel the world with great books

Travel is a wonderfully enriching experience, but visiting exotic international locations is impossible right now. Isn’t it fortunate that we can still travel through books! Come with me to the Karoo and the Ganges, to rural England and to Edinburgh, to Parramatta, Sicily and Sweden. You’ll learn about the remarkable men and women who broke new literary ground, see the landscapes that inspired them, and discover how fiction can be intimately connected to a sense of place. No passports required, no long flights to endure or hotels to find, no currency to exchange – just the luxury of cruising to interesting and exotic locations via superb literature.

I do hope you’ll be joining me for tea, travel and a delightful literary exploration.

The itinerary

Once a month, on a Sunday afternoon (in Australia), we’ll spend an hour or so at one of these ports. Visit each of these titles below to learn more.

Susannah, it was indeed fabulous. I had just read the book last week too so was right there with everything you said. Thank you.


Loved the session today on The Go-Between. Thank you. 


Excellent presentation as always. One of my favourite books – I hadn’t realised that LP Hartley was at Clifton in Bristol; where my father was at school. I saw the play in London in July 2016 with Michael Crawford (then aged 74) as the older Leo. 

Jennifer Dewar

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed yesterday’s Tea with a Book Addict. I was lucky enough to be a student at Oxford in the late 1940s and every Friday during each eight week term Lord David Cecil would lecture on Shakespeare. This was in the Examination School, the largest auditorium available, and it was jam-packed with students from every faculty. We listened spellbound as he was a wonderful lecturer. 


I’ve just watched your video talk on The Go-Between. Wonderful! I had re-read it about six months ago, so it was lovely to have it fresh in my mind while listening to your talk. I have just finished reading The Hireling – a different but also enjoyable and thought-provoking novel.


I have just watched the video so just had to write and tell you what a 
pleasure it was. Looking forward to more.

Thank you so very much for this wonderful, wonderful insight into The Go-Between. It was such a pleasure to travel through L.P. Hartley’s life and writings. Loved it Susannah.

Thank you Susannah for giving us the opportunity (and the push) to read The Go Between. I so enjoyed this book and I had a wonderful time resading it. It was SO well written. I marvel at how astonishly good this book is. Now we have writers courses – how to write a novel etc – but, I’m guess that L.P. Hartley didn’t have these opportunities. I know he had been a journalist but to write with such ecomical skill where scenes and dialogue are so well enterwined is surely a great talent. Such a pleasure to read such a classic book. I look forward to the rest of the video series.

Thanks so much for your wonderful Zoom sessions this year.  Magic!
Thank you for your special time with us this afternoon.

It was certainly a winner with everyone.
I love the way that you bring these people into our lives.
The small intimate moments make the talks so good.
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This is a package offer consisting of 12 Zoom conference talks and 12 video talks. The Zoom conferences will be about 60 minutes each and will include time for your contributions. The video talks will also be about 60 minutes each.

The Zoom meeting dates will be included in your confirmation email. Reminders and meeting invitations will be emailed to zoom ticket holders prior to each conference date.

Single Zoom talks are not available for pre-purchase at this stage. They may be offered, if space permits, one month prior to a talk, at AU$15 each.

The video talks will be on sale for AU$9 each one month after each live Zoom talk.

Back orders will be taken after the series commences, but the Zoom talks are not recorded and only videos will be supplied for past talks.

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All times given in this series are based on Australian Eastern Time (Sydney, Melbourne) and all currency is Australian dollars.

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