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In 2021 Tea with a Book Addict took subscribers on a literary tour around the world via zoom or video talks.

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Susannah, it was indeed fabulous. I had just read the book last week too so was right there with everything you said. Thank you.


Loved the session today on The Go-Between. Thank you. 


Excellent presentation as always. One of my favourite books – I hadn’t realised that LP Hartley was at Clifton in Bristol; where my father was at school. I saw the play in London in July 2016 with Michael Crawford (then aged 74) as the older Leo. 

Jennifer Dewar

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed yesterday’s Tea with a Book Addict. I was lucky enough to be a student at Oxford in the late 1940s and every Friday during each eight week term Lord David Cecil would lecture on Shakespeare. This was in the Examination School, the largest auditorium available, and it was jam-packed with students from every faculty. We listened spellbound as he was a wonderful lecturer. 


I’ve just watched your video talk on The Go-Between. Wonderful! I had re-read it about six months ago, so it was lovely to have it fresh in my mind while listening to your talk. I have just finished reading The Hireling – a different but also enjoyable and thought-provoking novel.


I have just watched the video so just had to write and tell you what a 
pleasure it was. Looking forward to more.

Thank you so very much for this wonderful, wonderful insight into The Go-Between. It was such a pleasure to travel through L.P. Hartley’s life and writings. Loved it Susannah.

Thank you Susannah for giving us the opportunity (and the push) to read The Go Between. I so enjoyed this book and I had a wonderful time resading it. It was SO well written. I marvel at how astonishly good this book is. Now we have writers courses – how to write a novel etc – but, I’m guess that L.P. Hartley didn’t have these opportunities. I know he had been a journalist but to write with such ecomical skill where scenes and dialogue are so well enterwined is surely a great talent. Such a pleasure to read such a classic book. I look forward to the rest of the video series.

Thanks so much for your wonderful Zoom sessions this year.  Magic!
Thank you for your special time with us this afternoon.

It was certainly a winner with everyone.
I love the way that you bring these people into our lives.
The small intimate moments make the talks so good.