1 January 2022 Susannah

The Dolls House – A Video Talk

Katherine Mansfield The Dolls House

This brilliant short story has become a New Zealand classic, often studied in schools and universities. It is a close to perfect example of what a short story ought to be, creating a whole little world, moments of drama and pathos, vividly real characters.

Katherine Mansfield’s short story set in Karori, New Zealand, is deceptively simple, evocative, and deeply memorable. Join a little group of children in a Kiwi playground, and see for yourself that painted doll’s house and “the little lamp”.

The Kelvey girls, Lil and Else, have been excluded from the treat of seeing the dolls house. But Kezia Burnell has something more of independence than her sisters and one day, swinging on the gate, she sees the Kelvey girls walking along the road and, on an impulse, invites them in to look.

Join me to explore this near perfect short story and the life of the woman who wrote it. The full video talk is available now – read more here.

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Featured image credit- The Dolls House illustration from Parties and Presents: Three Short Stories Level 2 Elementary/Lower-intermediate Educational Resource sample unit, http://www.cambridge.org/9788483238363

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