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Graveyard at Haworth, West Yorkshire, England image

Graveyard at Haworth village. The Bronte family lived at Haworth Parsonage from 1820 to 1861.

Susannah has had the pleasure of creating unforgettable travel experiences for hundreds of people for over 15 years since she began hosting literary tours in 2000 and her tours are usually booked out well in advance.

Please read some of the feedback received from past travellers below.

Susannah’s literary tours are booked through Australians Studying Abroad, ph. 1800 645755 or info@asatours.com.au


 To do a literary tour of Scotland was a dream come true for me. It was fabulous to do the reading and DVD watching to prepare beforehand, it made the journey even more special. Every day bought a different highlight and a new thrill. The tour lecturer and leader were fantastic. So many memories to bring home! Thank you. Malvina – The Banks & Braes of Literary Scotland, 2013

 I had not toured with ASA before and was very surprised and delighted at the very full and interesting tour with Susannah Fullerton leading us. It was very well structured and we all learned a great deal. Peter Cox is a very experienced tour director and everything went very smoothly, thanks to his expertise. I feel it was the best tour I have been on. Rena – The Nearest Thing to Paradise: A Literary Tour of Southern France 2014

 We have recently completed our 4th ASA tour. We could not fault the work of Susannah Fullerton, whose knowledge and presentation was fabulous. Also we comment on Peter Cox whose management skills and all round knowledge were first class. We would always recommend ASA to any person who is interested in educational and cultural activities carried out in such a pleasant and convivial manner with like-minded fellow participants. Inge & Val – A Literary tour of Southern France, 2013

 We thoroughly enjoyed our tour. Susannah is a mine of information, presented with wit and charm, and her poetry readings on the bus were a wonderful bonus. The tour took us to lots of places we would never have got to ourselves and all the planning work is taken care of. Peter is an excellent tour manager, unfailingly helpful and practical and virtually unflappable. Stephen – In Search of Literary France, 2013

 Our exploration of the Literary Landscapes of England with Susannah was a wonderful experience as we travelled through those landscapes. I truly enjoyed the green and pleasant land, England and the jewels of English literature. It was enjoyable, informative and a memorable holiday. Patricia Exploring Literary Landscapes of England 2015

 Susannah through her great knowledge, enthusiasm and above all her love of literature made this tour something quite special. Being immersed in the places, the history, and the life experiences that led to some of the greatest literature of our time was a joy and an experience that will stay with me forever. I cannot wait to do my next literary tour of France in 2016. Thank you. Joan – Exploring Literary Landscapes of England 2014

 The tour Exploring More English Literary Landscapes is not to be missed. We travelled through beautiful countryside and visited the houses of famous authors. All of it was enhanced greatly by the knowledge and enthusiasm of our guide Susannah Fullerton. I was sad when it was over. Bev – Exploring More Literary Landscapes of England 2011

 This was our fourth ASA Tour! As usual the itinerary and its organisation was superb. Being the first ASA venture into the south we might have expected some disappointing experiences but there were none. We were thrilled from the first day in the beautiful city of Savannah until the final days in charming brash New Orleans. Literary highlights included the visit to Flannery O’Connor’s Andalusia, the performance of to Kill a Mockingbird in Monroeville and intriguing lectures from many local literary experts throughout. Future ASA participants can expect to be overwhelmed by the hospitality of their southern hosts in the big cities and the smaller towns and villages alike. Finally the tour leaders, in this case, Susannah Fullerton & Peter Cox were superb in every way. Love ASA!!! Jill & Neil – Literary Tour of the Deep South 2015

 I can only state that the tour of the north east coast of America was a tremendous learning time, the organisation was perfect and accommodation very comfortable. Susannah’s readings were totally enjoyed especially of Longfellow’s Hiawatha and Peter countered with a lot of history of the area and especially the history of the anti slave agitation and American Civil War. Very satisfied tour participant. Thea – Literary Tour East Coast of North America, 2012