1 October 2021 Susannah

Ulysses – A Video Talk

Few novels published in the 20th century have been as influential, ground-breaking, and controversial as has James Joyce’s Ulysses.

It caused an obscenity trial in the United States, it has been heralded as the best novel of the century and yet is also considered one of the hardest books in the world to read. In Ireland a whole tourist industry exists around the novel, there are museums in Joyce’s name, and the 16th June, the day on which the events of the novel take place, is internationally celebrated as Bloomsday.

Joyce himself said that were the city of Dublin to be obliterated, it could be reconstructed from the pages of his book.

It has been said there are two sorts of people in this world – those who have read Ulysses, and those who haven’t. Have you?

Join me in discussing its author and its brilliance. Just $9 for the full video talk, available now.

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Featured image credit- Leopold Bloom by James Joyce, https://publicdomainreview.org/essay/seeing-joyce

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  1. Donald Nairn

    I have read Ulysses but did not find it easy. It is never the less rewarding if you are at all interested in the possibilities of language to be expressive.
    I think it is best read or recited as the language is rhythmic and much meaning is conveyed through sound- preferably by an irish voice well distanced from.Belfast.
    It is full of humour and sensuality, the characters are unforgettable especially Molly Bloom.
    A most ingenious concept, the parody of the odyssey, told in a single day and the celebration of Dublin and Irish life.
    I love it.

    • Susannah Fullerton

      I agree, Donald, definitely a book to listen to. I got the unabridged audio recording and it all made so much more sense when listened to, with the right Irish accents. It’s a rich, extraordinary and complex novel.

      • Donald Nairn

        Thanks Susannah. We hope you are well. We have very happy memories of our
        little outing last February.
        Best wishes
        Donald and Robin

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