28 March 2024 Susannah

Unblocking the Problem

Unblockin the Problem

I’m back in business with my email sending!

I have sent an email to affected subscribers to let you know that your email address is now unblocked. I hope you’ll be as delighted as I am and continue to enjoy hearing from me. But if you now have other interests, please don’t mark my email as spam – simply unsubscribe and I’ll stop right away.

After this problem, my email list is far from perfect, but I’m working on cleaning it up.

In February I wrote about the terrible difficulty I was having with my newsletters not reaching your inboxes. Over a thousand of my supporters and friends could not receive my newsletter through no fault their own – or mine. You can read what happened in this story. But the good news is that we’ve finally found a resolution and I’m now able to reach all the people who where blocked.

You can catch up with missed newsletters in my new Notes Archive.

So if you want to get in touch with me for anything at all please use my contact form and I’ll sort it out.

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