1 May 2020 Susannah

Virtual Talks, something new

Virtual talks

I have been keeping myself busy during this time of no talks and no tours, by creating my new virtual talks for you to enjoy. Now you can join me in an armchair journey to get to know the classics and the amazing men and women who wrote them.

Each video is a minimum length of 40-50 minutes and is just like coming to one of my live talks, except that you get to choose the time and venue yourself. In fact, it’s been really exciting to see orders from all around Australia and even overseas. The videos can be viewed on any device – phone, computer or even smart TV, and your small purchase price permits you to view the video as often as you wish until the end of this year.

I have already finished talks on Louisa May Alcott & Little Women, Jane Austen: Her Life and Works, Thomas Hardy & Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Anthony Trollope & Barchester Towers. My next few will be themed around literary travel.

So look out for ‘Literary England: Susannah Fullerton’s Top Ten Places’, which should be available soon. The hardest part of working on this virtual tour has been making the decisions – which, out of all the glorious literary places in England, do I choose, and then what order do I put them in starting at 10 all the way to my most favourite destination. It has been a real challenge! While tempted to make all ten places on one especially beloved author, I have resisted that urge and am providing you with a good variety of authors and a library of types of places – homes, churches, a graveyard and a charitable institution are included.

I am hoping that this new virtual talk will provide inspiration for the times when we can all travel again, will bring back happy memories if you have visited the places I’ve chosen yourself, and will encourage an interest in literary travel. I hope to follow this up with ‘Literary France’, ‘Literary London’, ‘Literary Scandinavia’ and ‘Literary Italy’, so you can look forward to lots of armchair travel in the coming weeks.

It’s been a gamble and a challenge to create something completely new and I’ve been encouraged by your wonderful support. Your feedback tells me that you’ve enjoyed watching them, and I’d love to share just one comment which reflects many I have received:

“These virtual talks are just fantastic, Susannah. I was so entertained and learned a huge amount. I think my favourite was the one on Trollope, but they were all wonderful. Please keep them coming – more and more!”
– Amanda Grant

Each talk is currently $4, but I can only hold that for one more week. To cover costs the price must rise to $6 each from 8th May.

Purchase all 4 in one easy transaction, or just select the individual ones you want.

Don’t forget that you can pay for these talks in a variety of ways – you can post a cheque, phone me to make a credit card payment, transfer money via EFT, or you can order via my website shop and pay with Paypal or credit card there. I’d love as many people as possible to enjoy the talks while we are all forced to stay at home. Join me to discover the literary treasures of “this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.”

There have been so many emails asking for more such talks. So over to you – what do you want to hear? Which favourite authors or books? Or which literary destinations? Let me know in a comment.

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