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I was amazed when we visited his house as to how luxurious (if rather bad taste) it was in contrast to his humanistic writings.

He wrote some very touching poetry about very poor Brittany fisherman besides toilers of the sea.

Such a remarkable life

Susannah – there is just so much I have to thank you for that it is impossible to find a starting point.
The talks I used to travel to Sydney for were a highlight and I was almost distraught when COVID joined our ranks. You saved the day. Now each month I have something to look forward to with your literary lectures.


Every time I go into your website I notice something more to be looking up and enjoying!

I love reading your newsletters and enjoy your poetry selections and book recommendations. Thank you again for continuing to bring literature to life and to inspire me to read more widely.
I can’t overstate how much I’m enjoying this series, and how greatly you’re expanding my knowledge and interests.
You are such an amazing presenter.  The stories that you come up with just bring the subjects to life.
I am always staggered by your depth of knowledge and particularly your amazing character analyses. When I read a book, I tend to come away with strong visual impressions, that can last a lifetime, but you open up views I have not considered. Keep up the amazing work!
I am looking forward to exploring your website and watching your talks as your enthusiasm and love of literature really comes across and makes them so enjoyable to watch.  Thank you!
My best wishes and my admiration of your skill in opening up the wonderful world of literature that is available to us all … if only we really DO get started to seek it out and read (or re-read) it with new eyes as a result of your enthusiasm and prompting.
I adore Susannah Fullerton! My friend sent me some good stuff about her last year and I have been a fan of hers since. She is amazing. She knows everything, can talk without one lapse endlessly and with beauty in her language. She seems to know everything. 
I have written her many fan letters and she is generous and sweet in her responses. There is never any impatience shown. What a stupendous lady.
Thank you for your special time with us this afternoon.

It was certainly a winner with everyone.
I love the way that you bring these people into our lives.
The small intimate moments make the talks so good.
Thanks, Susannah, for your lovely newsletter, it just gets better and better each time! I’ve read it all and clicked on every link. I recommend it to all my literature-crazy friends and look forward to the next and the next and the next.

I do hope you’ll join my literary journey so don’t forget to subscribe above.

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