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Fascinating person and wonderful architecture and art.

I was especially pleased to hear about Mary Somerville last week as she was such a trailblazer but previously an unknown quantity to me. Funny how the women drop out of historical discourse!

Great series Susannah – I loved the variety of trailblazers, the wonderful slides and I learned so much.


Just a quickie to say how successful (I’m sure), but how interesting and entertaining your four talks on Scottish writers have been.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every Monday afternoon.  

Yesterday’s was particularly interesting on Charles Rennie Mackintosh.  I have admired his furniture for ages and came to realise how similar his drawings were to Klimpf (as you mentioned) who I have come to know about since a visit to Budapest a few years ago. Isn’t it a shame that these geniuses are not appreciated more in their lifetimes? They have brave fresh ways of looking at the mundane and are not afraid of being less popular, and poorer for it.


I wanted to say thank you yet again for another wonderful lecture series – loved the Scottish trailblazers! Being married to a Scot and having lived over there for 5.5 years, I grew to know about all these trailblazers except for Mary Somerville.

We are great fans of CR Mackintosh – even my husband watched your lecture last night!!

I look forward to more trailblazers as you develop them.

Many thanks for yet another wonderful series. My cultural self has been greatly broadened by all your presentations and I hope you continue with them.
I’m surprised that you did not include a scotch distiller!
And many thanks for being such a much appreciated cultural trailblazer in our lives.

I had never heard of Charles Rennie Mackintosh until now.

What superb style and art we have seen tonight through his trailblazing work.

Thanks so much, Susannah for, as usual, a wonderful talk.

I have been enjoying your talks very much. As I have small children and I am in New Zealand, the times have meant that I have had to watch them afterward instead of live.  
Wonderful talk, thank you so much.
That was fascinating Susannah, am ashamed to admit she was only a name to me before your lecture. What a wonderful, extraordinary woman. Thank you for bringing her to my attention. 
Thank you for the wonderful talk about Mary Somerville. I am ashamed to say that despite spending my entire career as a practising scientist, I have never heard of Mary Somerville. I wonder if she was quite correct that by not making any discoveries she was ranked somewhat lower. She was what we may consider now as a science communicator, albeit a fabulous one.
Very interesting talk on Mary Somerville.  Thank You

I do hope you’ll join my literary journey so don’t forget to subscribe above.

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