Edvard Munch

4 Scandi Trailblazers Who Changed the World

Edvard Munch was out walking in Oslo (then called Kristiania) when he conceived the idea of The Scream. This painting (there are two versions of it) has come to represent the anxiety and insecurities of the human condition. Learn about the troubled man behind the art and hear fascinating stories about the life and impact of an iconic painting.

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The second-most expensive painting ever sold

Munch was always emotionally insecure – this is clearly shown in such paintings as Melancholy and Ashes. “I do not believe in art which is not the compulsive result of Man’s urge to open his heart”, he once stated, and his work was hugely influential on the German Expressionists and other movements in painting.

Munch’s paintings have broken auction records, and The Scream is the second-most expensive painting ever sold at open auction. It has also been stolen twice. The work has entered popular culture in a way very few other art works have ever done.

Learn about the troubled man behind the art and hear fascinating stories about the life and impact of an iconic painting. Just $15, purchase access here.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Trailblazers series.

As a lifelong Francophone and Francophile, it was so interesting to get the whole story as it were, about your subjects. In each of your presentations, I learned a great deal that I didn’t know, and your information was spot on. 

So I thank you so much for the opportunity to listen and learn.

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed watching your four French Trailblazers lectures. It was a wonderful treat for me to sit back on a Monday early evening, to listen, watch and learn from you.
Thank you so much for the marvellous French Series. I have savoured every word. You really kept our minds in high spirits just when needed. 
Looking forward to your future events. Your range of interests and enthusiasm is inspiring. 
Stay safe, well and curious!

Thank you for your most interesting and informative talk about Victor Hugo. It has stimulated me to get to the library and borrow one of his novels when I can of course. 


I loved the lecture, it was so wonderful to be back. I have resisted zoom as I felt I spent too much time on screens. However, being back listening to Susannah’s fantastic lectures was marvellous. I can’t wait until next Monday. 


We simply loved last night’s talk, we were listening intently and making notes of new places to visit once “it’s all over.” 

Geraldine and Richard

Your talk on Victor Hugo was – as expected – brilliant. Yes, his house on Guernsey is extraordinary (I was there in 2015).


I enjoyed your talk on Victor Hugo very much, especially as I have been to his house in Place des Vosges, which I found remarkable. I had booked a trip to visit the house in the Channel Islands but Covid intervened.


Thank you very much for your Zoom meeting on Victor Hugo yesterday. As is always the case, your presentation was excellent and I much enjoyed being enlightened further on his works and his life.

I look forward to next week’s lecture on Paul Cezanne.


You make your authors and their story come to life for me. I am so appreciative! I’ve watched your videos from RACV, Tea with a Book Addict and now your new series. As I live in Melbourne with so many restrictions, you have been the face I have seen most frequently, I count myself very lucky!


Thank you so much for the delightful talk on Victor Hugo yesterday. It was packed with so many interesting facts and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. 


Thank you for your wonderful talk yesterday. My friend Jan who watched with me said “now I know why you go on those trips”.

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