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There is always so much more to a book than just its narrative.

You too can be an enlightened, discerning reader and you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll find Susannah’s printable guides to great literature. These selected books are all easily accessible and Susannah even provides links to obtain them. As she shows, there’s always so much more to a book than its narrative. Each guide helps you analyse the themes of the book, consider the various characters and their motivations, and gives you links for further explorations – not to mention the intriguing stories about the writer behind the work.

Susannah’s Discerning Reader’s Guides will provide you with a far richer understanding of some fabulous books than you would have received by just reading the book on your own. With discussion questions and links for further exploration, they’re great for book clubs!

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What are they?

Every beautifully presented handbook contains over 24 pages and is packed with colour images. They are downloadable and printable and you can keep each one forever. They come with a recommended reading list, links for where to buy the books in print, ebook or audio, where to watch a movie version, enjoy related videos, websites and much more.

100% guaranteed. If you don’t feel these guides are great value for money, please let Susannah know why and your purchase price will be refunded.

Save and print your guides to build your own collection as you become a more discerning reader.

Select any book to learn more, you’re sure to find many you’d enjoy!

Join Susannah on a literary journey to explore a fabulous selection of classic books as she reveals intriguing stories about the author behind the work, analyses the themes and characters in the book, tempts you with film versions to watch, and challenges you with thoughtful discussion questions. You can even discuss the book with her directly by leaving a comment.

Here’s what makes each one of Susannah’s Guides so special. You will:

  • Learn about classic books in easy-to-understand everyday language.
  • Discover the life of the person who wrote the book.
  • Understand what prompted the book to be written.
  • Identify the characters’ roles in the narrative.
  • Grasp the influence of the era, lifestyle and circumstances of the book’s setting.
  • Pick up on the small things that make a story rich.
  • Read the book with a much greater understanding of its background for more enjoyment.

How to purchase:

Anybody could sit down and read each of these books. But it’s not so easy to learn about how the author came to write the book, or receive a commentary on all the film versions / sequels / adaptations that have resulted from it. Susannah helps you analyse the themes, consider the various characters and their motivations, and gives you links for further explorations. She guarantees that, after following her guides, you will have a far richer understanding of some fabulous classics than you ever would have done by just reading them on your own.

Every beautifully presented handbook is over 24 pages in length and packed with colour images. Each comes complete with carefully curated links to further reading, videos and extended material about the author and the book.

Save and print your guides to build your own collection of fabulous reading references.

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Susannah has published many articles, books, monographs and spoken word CDs, most notably, several about Jane Austen’s work. Unlike so many research books, Susannah’s works are definitely intended for a popular readership. Treat yourself, or buy a thoughtful gift for a reading friend.

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