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Susannah's Literary Readers Guides

Susannah’s Literary Readers’ Guides

Susannah’s Literary Readers’ Guides are designed for those who care about classic and important literature.

Susannah’s Literary Reader’s Guides are a series of downloadable, printable guides to her favourite books and authors. In each one, she reveals intriguing stories about the author behind the work, analyses the themes and characters in the book, lists film versions, suggests further reading and challenges you with thoughtful insights on the work.

At just $5 (AU) each, you can select several of these literary delights, which you will receive immediately your order is processed.

Here’s what makes Susannah’s Literary Readers’ Guides so special. You will:

  • Learn about classic books in easy-to-understand everyday language.
  • Discover the life of the person who wrote the book.
  • Understand what prompted the book to be written.
  • Identify the characters’ roles in the narrative.
  • Grasp the influence of the era, lifestyle and circumstances of the book’s setting.
  • Pick up on the small things that make a story rich.
  • Read the book with a much greater understanding of its background for more enjoyment.
The Guides:

Enjoy browsing all of Susannah’s Literary Readers’ Guides here. Click on each one to see more information or to order.

How to order

To order, open the page for the guide you want. Click the link to purchase the full-length guide on that page and add this item to your shopping cart. You can easily return here to add more guides to your shopping cart.

Each 24-page printable literary delight is just $5 (AU). Or purchase a pack of 6 and get one free!

Everything is 100% guaranteed. If you don’t feel these guides are great value for money, please let me know why and I will refund your purchase price.

The ‘Get One Free’ Pack

Select any 6 reader’s guides and pay JUST $25.00 (AU). Simply explore the titles above and add any 6 individual reader’s guides to your shopping cart.  You’ll automatically receive one guide FREE. Order now and you’ll receive access details by return email.

Thanks so much for all this!  You work so hard on our behalf. I loved your talk on A.A. Milne and Winnie-the-Pooh and a completely different take on the book and the man!

Thank you, Susannah – that was delightful. I very much appreciate the video recordings, as I am usually not able to see the live talks. I do love the E.H. Shepard illustrations.


Susannah’s Newsletters are excellent – the best that is available on the Internet as far as I am concerned.


Oh, how I love the wit and coziness of your newsletters. They are stories in themselves which I love to read over and over.


Your newsletters are the only time I read poetry and your selections are consistently enjoyable. Thank you for this beauty.


I’m 76 years old now … and a relatively new “Notes…Addict” reader. Thank you for what you do; you are a JOY, Susannah!


I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I have enjoyed your latest Notes from a Book Addict! So many thanks for your wonderful communication, it really always makes my day! 


Thank you Susannah, I love learning from you.


Thanks for your lecture series on the 4 English trailblazers, I have now caught up with all four of them. Even though I had a fair bit of prior knowledge of all except Florence Nightingale, I enjoyed your lectures very much, there were so many lovely pictures and unexpected sidelights that I was very well entertained. You really brought out how these four brilliant misfits made a difference to English culture!

I would have loved to have taken part in the actual lectures, but 5 pm on a weekday does not work for me, unfortunately, so I was pleased to be able to catch the lectures later. I look forward to further lectures in the future.


I absolutely love receiving your programs!


I just wanted to thank you for your March Trailblazers series.
Such interesting and diverse lives and the discovery of all those quirky facts gave a full picture of the personalities behind the famous personas.

As the ladies say, “It’s not easy”. What an understatement!


Thank you for your delightful Notes From a Book Addict they make my day.

All the details:

What is it?
At just $5, each of these literary delights is a real treat! In each one, Susannah reveals intriguing stories about an author to help understand what prompted the book to be written. She identifies the main characters and their roles, analyses the themes behind the story, and describes the influence that the era, lifestyle and circumstances have on the book’s setting. Included are 8 thought-provoking discussion points, perfect for books clubs or just to get you thinking a bit harder yourself.

Anybody could sit down and read the list of books Susannah has supplied. But it’s not so easy to learn about how the author came to write the book, or receive a commentary on all the film versions / sequels / adaptations that have resulted from it. Susannah guarantees that, after following her guides, you will have a far richer understanding of some fabulous classics than you ever would have done by just reading them on your own.

Every beautifully presented handbook is over 24 pages in length and packed with colour images. Each has an online Reader’s Companion (you can see them right here above), with carefully curated links to further reading, videos and extended material about the author and the book.

Save and print your guides to build your own collection of fabulous reading references.

Susannah has published many videos, articles, books, monographs and spoken word CDs, most notably, several about Jane Austen’s work. Unlike so many research books, Susannah’s works are definitely intended for a popular readership. Treat yourself, or buy a thoughtful gift for a reading friend.

100% guaranteed. If you don’t feel Susannah’s guides are great value for money, please let her know why and she will refund your purchase price.

By ordering a product you help Susannah cover the expense of producing her monthly newsletter, Notes From A Book Addict, keeping it cost and advertising free. Thank you.

It’s really easy to order and you can use any of these payment methods: Credit Card, Cash, Cheque, EFT or PayPal.
  Order online for immediate download. Purchase individually on each guide’s page above.
  Phone orders, please see here.

Further information and help 
Please contact Susannah here.