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Oscar Wilde at Oxford

The Importance Of Being Oscar: The Life and Works of Oscar Wilde

“Somehow or other I’ll be famous, and if not famous, I’ll be notorious” declared the young Oscar Wilde: he proved to be both! Wilde’s genius as a raconteur and coiner of epigrams made him the most quoted man in London. He translated his genius into stories, plays, poems and a novel and gained a place amongst the great Victorian writers.

Wilde once stated that he had put only his talent into his works, but had put his genius into his life.

Susannah Fullerton discusses Wilde’s extraordinary life story, his fall from fame and the creation of his great works of literature.

Susannah Fullerton Video Talk: The Importance of Being Oscar: The Life and Works of Oscar Wilde
Susannah Fullerton: Oscar Wilde at Reading Gaol
Susannah Fullerton: The Arrest of Oscar Wilde at the Cadogan Hotel
Susannah Fullerton: Symphony in Yellow by Oscar Wilde


image: “Oscar Wilde” by Hills & Saunders, Rugby & Oxford, Oxford. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons

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