1 November 2021 Susannah

Dr Zhivago – A Video Talk

Omar Sharif & Julie Christie, Dr Zhivago, 1965

The intensely moving love story of Yuri Zhivago and the beautiful nurse Lara is set against the backdrop of climactic Russian history – war, revolution and social upheaval. Visit the vast and snowy landscapes of Russia in this powerful novel.

Did you see the David Lean film version of this novel in the 1960s? Did you fall in love with Omar Sharif, or Julie Christie, or both of them? Did you find yourself humming ‘Lara’s Theme’ for days afterwards? The film was an amazing success and its images, landscapes, and music will probably always be fixed in our minds when we hear the name, Dr Zhivago.

Dr Zhivago is an epic tale, it’s a biography of an intelligent and cultured man, and it is one of the greatest love stories ever told.

Join me in discussing its author and its brilliance. Just $9 for the full video talk, available now.

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Featured image credit- Omar Sharif & Julie Christie, Dr Zhivago, 1965 MGM movie adaptation, https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0059113/

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