Finding Katherine Mansfield
Audio CD

Katherine Mansfield’s life was a short one, but in her 34 years she wrote some of the finest short stories in English and helped to shape the modern short story.

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An exploration of the New Zealand writer’s life, told through her journals, letters and stories.

Katherine Mansfield is New Zealand’s most famous writer. She was born in Wellington in 1888 and moved to Europe in 1908, where she wrote some of the best short stories in the English language. She died at age 34 of tuberculosis. Virginia Woolf and D.H. Lawrence were greatly influenced by her works – in fact, Virginia Woolf once said that Katherine Mansfield’s writing was the only writing she was ever jealous of!

Her personal life was controversial and traumatic – there were lovers, quarrels, a pregnancy outside of marriage, divorce, and lack of money – but she found in her own problems the inspiration for her great stories about alienation and loneliness. Her last years were spent in a desperate search for health, fighting a tragic battle against time to write the stories she knew she could write before her illness killed her.

“This CD is a triumph! Only someone with a deep knowledge and thorough understanding of Katherine Mansfield could have pulled this off so perfectly. Compulsive listening for both the Katherine Mansfield novice as well as the devoted scholar.”
― Dr Gerri Kimber, Chairman of the Katherine Mansfield Society

Many people have enjoyed listening to Susannah Fullerton’s, Finding Katherine Mansfield audio CD. Read more of their reviews here.

Katherine Mansfield is New Zealand’s finest writer, yet her stories are universal. Discover her greatness as a writer and hear her fascinating life-story.

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